YAY! DIY Kinetic Sand Playdough!

This DIY was  a total blessing in disguise. We were trying to make sand like airclay for some framed handprint art but it turned out to be kinetic sand instead of airclay.  Oleg was so stoked over it and kept asking to play with it! So we decided to keep it as is and he even build a fort for his lego figures with it.  (photo below)

Time Needed:

This only takes about 10-15 minutes to make. The ingredients are really simple. You just need to combine them.

Total Cost:

Under $10 . Depending on what you already have this might only cost you around $5.  We just had to buy the sand which was $5 at walmart.

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Instructions to make Kinetic sand!

Start by adding all of your dry ingredients first. I added our sand , than the corn starch and flour.

DIY kinetic sand

DIY kinetic sand

You don’t need to stir the dry ingredients before adding the liquids. We went right ahead and added the soap and elmers glue.  We added elmers glue to help it be dry better since Oleg planned on making a fort with it.  If you plan on storing it in a zip loc bag and reusing it I would probably avoid the elmers glue.




The secret ingredient that makes your DIY kenetic sand stretch is the soap.  It gives your playdough sand a stretchy like substance.  Once you’ve made the kinetic sand If you feel it’s not stretchy enough you can add a little bit more soap.

Okay now just add about 1/4 cup of water and combine the ingredients by mixing with a spoon and kneading. Don’t add all the water at once a little bit at a time works best to make sure you don’t add too much.  We made this mistake the first time around. A little goes a long way.

It might be a bit sticky. We added a bit more cornstarch once we pulled it out of the bowl. It’s kind of like kneading bread and adding a tiny bit of flour on the table until you get the right consistency.

DIY kinetic sand playdough

Here’s how it should look like. DIY kinetic sand playdough It does leave some residue on the hands. Check out the photo below. That’s what his hands looked liked once he was done playing with it.

I wouldn’t say this is exactly like kinetic sand. It’s more like kinetic sand playdough. 🙂 If you want playdough without sand you can probably alter it if you substitute the sand for flour. You can also add some food coloring to make it even funner.  Store it in a ziploc bag. It dries just like playdough. 🙂 DIY kinetic sand playdough

That’s it for this DIY kinetic sand recipe!  I hope you find it helpful and it inspires you to make your own 😊!  If you’re looking for DIY videos you can check out my youtube channel here.

Have a wonderful week! Stay positive. 🙂 #happythoughts

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