Hi there, everyone welcome to the ultimate guide on “Gift Ideas for wife” that even your mom would love. But, before we dive in, let me share a little secret about how these ideas came to life. 

These have been voted for by the ladies & moms of instagram. We did a series of gift ideas on Instagram polls where everyone cast their votes to decide whether they’d like it as birthday/christmas gifts or not. This will give you some insight and hopefully help picking a gift easier. These are also great gift ideas for anniversary if that’s what you’re looking for.

I’ll be dishing out the most popular and the not-so-popular gifts, complete with Instagram poll screenshots. So, let’s get rolling!


Highest rated gifts by moms & wives! Let’s go!

I’ll share the highest rated first. 70% or more of the ladies loved these gifts! 


1. Coming in1st place! Lodge Lilac Dutch Oven !

WOW a whopping 94% said they would of loved this as a gift!

I feel like this is every cooks dream! You can honestly never have enough of them! Not only can you bake bread in these, you can make stews, pilafs, soups etc. They’re super versatile making it the perfect gift! If your mom or wife doesn’t love to cook keep scrolling there’s more.



2. Coming in 2nd place!  Kitchen Aid Mixer!

Again a must have in the kitchen! I remember when I got mine not only did I want to bake and cook more I got more creative with dinners! It makes things so much faster and easier with the hands free option! A definite GAME CHANGER!  Again super versatile which is why I think it was voted one of the top gifts! You can make cake batters, frosting, cookie dough, pizza dough and so much more.



3. Coming in 3rd place! Sourdough kit!

This one kind of surprised me! This is actually something I wanted for Christmas and decided to add it to the voting que. WOW can’t believe it came in at 3rd place. If you’re wife or mom have been talking about picking up the sourdough hobby this might just the gift for them! I would also recommend buying the dutch oven because sourdough is baked in a dutch oven and she’ll need a scale to weigh when making the bread.





This would definitely spoil any home cook! Just look at these beauties! Honestly they look like art!




Every girls dream! The days of taking forever to blow dry your hair are over! Self care isn’t easy and if there’s anything the can cut some time off my self care routine I’ll take it! When I first got mine my hair drying time was cut more than in half. It went from taking a solid 20-25 minutes to dry my hair to 7-10 minutes! AND best of all it doesn’t fry your hair! Worth every penny! She’ll absolutely love this one!




I do think that the color make this a clear winner! The leather details make it look chic and the white is so timeless!



Let’s talk jewelry! I think this one was a clear winner because of it’s versatility. She could wear this out for date night or grocery store shopping and look classy and beautiful. However I think the best part is how meaningful the letters are!



Oh man! Let’s get those smoothies goes! Also a clear winner because of it’s versatility this blender is a smoothie lovers dream!



UGG never ceases to amaze me! Just when you think the basic boots got boring they come up with a slipper that somehow doesn’t make you look ugly and you’re still warm and stylish! These are definitely a hit with the ladies! 


10. Coming In 10th place! Non Toxic Perfume!

If non toxic means something to your wife/mom she’ll love this! They have a handful of scents to pick from and all are so good! They also sell a sampler on the dime website of all their scents you can grab in case you’re not sure which she’ll like. I have them all and love them! Each scent is perfectly curated for different seasons. Bright scents from summer, mellow clean for every day and musky for wintertime. No more headaches from perfumes or swollen lymph nodes! Yep those were the first things I noticed with this. My favorite everyday scent is ” lovely sweet dreams”. It literally smells like it’s description. Sweet and slight, crisp, tangy. No floral scent in that one from what I can smell.




1. Rose Night Light! ONLY 6% said YES!

Even though amazon says it’s a best seller this was rated the worst. Only 6% of the ladies said they’d like this as a gift. My teenager thought this was the coolest gift idea. Maybe in my dating days I would of loved this however my thoughts are it’s not practical. Most of us ladies like to keep out desks and side tables clean. We usually already have a light that matches our style. 

If you’re wife/mom are obsessed with beauty and the beast I bet this would be the gift for her. 


2. Sweater Blanket! 91% SAID NO!

Only 9% of the ladies said they would love this! I think this gift was the most hated because it had the most votes. It’s marketed correctly and a great idea however it just isn’t practical. Most folks already have throw blankets on couches they cozy up with. This just seems extra. Unless you watch movies all the time and you’ve heard your loved one ask or talk about how cool these are I probably wouldn’t get it as a gift.

3. Customizable blanket! 77% said NO!

I was actually surprised by how many folks said no to this one. I do think it really depends on your relationship or why you’d want to gift this. I feel like this is great while dating and once you get married there’s different ways we show affection etc. My hubby isn’t a crazy romantic so a gift like this would be super romantic in my opinion. Which I would like.


4.  Temperature Control Mug! 64% said NO!

This one was also controversial! The ladies that didn’t want it were definitely solid however the ladies that messaged me and said they had one of these LOVED IT!  They said it was one of thier favorite gifts of all time. Moms with busy schedules or if they work in an office a lot tend to finish there coffee cold would be a good fit!  I think a few key factors to consider when buying this one is do they already drink coffee at home and I would ask if they ever drink there coffee cold and how much they hate it. LOL! That should help you decide.


5. Tanzanite Earrings! Only 38% liked them!

I think there’s a few things to consider when buying jewelry. White and Yellow gold can be a very controversial topic. Some women don’t wear white gold because it washes them out or vice versa.  I’ve learned the hard way that white gold just isn’t my thing and it doesn’t matter how beautiful a piece of jewelry is it makes me look even more cool then I already am. I would recommend finding out what jewelry they like and skin tone before buying any jewelry.  I think these earrings got a bad rating because #1 this color doesn’t match everyone. Lavender isn’t any easy color to style to and this setting is pretty bulky. I feel like women are more and more drawn towards simpler jewelry. Something practical. Something she can wear at home and quickly change for date night with it still matching! Because believe me when I tell you our schedules get so busy we forget to change them out for days. A nice collection of neutral jewelry is every girls dream.


You know how I know this part isn’t easy?!! Because I’ve been there. Most times I don’t know where to start but, there are a few questions to ask yourself before buying a meaningful gift.


It’s when you’re thoughtful enough to remember a color, hobby, something they like etc. Then buy a gift based off that! She might love reading the bible? Or skiing? So buy them a bible verse throw pillow or new goggles for skiing. A gift doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. It’s the thought behind it that counts.

That’s all for this gift guide! I still have a bunch of gift ideas for the mid range 40% -60% votes said yes. If you’d like me to share those comment down below. 

If you’re question was what to buy my wife for christmas or birthday? I hope this helped you answer that! PS. Your mom will also love these gifts! The votes were cast by ladies between the age of 18-65. Whichever gift you pick just make sure it matches there lifestyle and you actually envision them using it.

K I’ll see ya’ll next time!

Here’s a pin to save to your pinterest for the next time you need help choosing a gift for your mom/wife!


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