Hi everyone, It’s been a while since I’ve shared on here. I hope you’re all doing well 😀 !  If you aren’t subscribed to my youtube channel I’ve been way more active on there sharing lots of cricut projects.

Last week, me and Tony decided to build a DIY coffee table using 2×4’s.  This DIY furniture project is probably one of the easiest we’ve made so far!

Time needed:

It only took us about 3 hours to cut and assemble all the pieces. It actually took me longer to paint the table. This is a perfect weekend project. I would say maybe 8 hours in total.

Total Cost:

It cost us under $100. In total it was around $88 dollars but, we did get the mdf at 70% off because it was chipped on the end.


  • 5 2×4’s
  • 1 4×4
  • screws
  • paint
  • primer
  • 1 MDF board 1/2″ in thickness
  • clear finish – gloss
  • rollers + brushes
  • miter saw
  • circular saw
  • drill
  • kreg jig

Easy DIY Coffee Table

I love that we used 2×4’s for the majority of the table. This helped keep costs down and turned out to be one of our favorite 2×4 projects to date! I don’t have DIY coffee table plans for this project because it’s just so easy to make. I took as many photos as we could through out the project and kept the measurements simple. We also made a video that might help understand the project a little bit more. 



Our coffee table measured 47″ inches in width and length and 17.5 inches in height. It was a perfect square. We didn’t want to make it rectangle in hopes of keeping the space looking more simple. I was also thinking this might help kind of bring the room together rather than elongate it even more.  If you’re looking to make a farmhouse table I think you can pull off a diy farmhouse coffee table with this same design easily. You change up the finish of the table. A very light wood stain would give it different vibes for sure. I just love how simple the table is and it matches so many styles.

Cutting and assembling the Coffee Table

We first started out by cutting the 2×4’s at 40 inches in length. We cut a total of 8 pieces like this. Next Toni cut 4 pieces for the legs from the 4″x4″ measuring at 17″ in height.

DIY coffee table

It definitely helps if your miter saw is big enough to cut through a 4×4. Our miter saw wasn’t big enough to cut through a 4×4 with one cut so we had to cut into it half way then flip it over and cut the other side to cut through all the way. You can mark all around the 4×4 to help get a clean cut. Toni just eyeballed it and actually got the cuts pretty close. We recorded a video of the process if this sounds confusing.

He then we used a kreg jig to make pocket holes in the 2×4’s on both sides and we were ready to assemble it all together. If you’re confused about using a kreg jig we share more in depth about it on our DIY table video here. I forwarded the time on the video so it should start right at the kreg jig section.

DIY coffee table

Securing all the pieces together!

We actually used specific screws for furniture making that are sold right next to the kreg jigs at home depot. They have a different head shape then the regular construction grade screws which helps them stay locked in verses keep splitting into the wood. This was our first time using them and we noticed a huge difference. Definitely worth getting the right screws.

DIY coffee table

DIY coffee table

Attaching the MDF board and painting!

To attach the MDF board to the frame of the coffee table we lay it over the mdf and traced an outline. Tony than used our circular saw to cut out the square. We made it a tiny bit bigger and sanded down the edge for a flush look. We also used  brad nailer to attach the mdf to the coffee table.

Decorating the Coffee table

This ended up being a harder task then I thought it would be. I surfed pinterest for a few hours and didn’t end up with anything specific that I liked.  I went to hobby lobby and picked up the basket tray and candle.

I ended up stopping by at walmart just by chance. That’s where I found this super cute white planter.  They had two sizes and it was love at first sight! I snatched a pair in two sizes.  You probably recognize that that’s thyme planted in there.  This was also a random find at walmart. I was looking for something that would look modern and not too much foral vibes to match the pot.

Honestly originally I was thinking a rustic white vase with cherry blossoms but I feel like I wanted to go for something more simple. I feel like if you have flowers as decor everything else needs to look ssso simple or you need to style to match the flowers. I find it hard to match my fiddle leaf fig in the corner of my living room to any flowers. It just clashes in my head. I don’t mind flowers on my dining table though since it’s a space all on it’s own.


And here’s how the coffee table looks in our living room!

DIY Coffee Table in our Living Room!

 I snapped this photo when the sun was going down the other day! We’re so happy with how this space is coming together! Can’t wait to make shelves on each side of the barn doors.

DIY coffee table

This rug has been the rug of my dreams for so long! We finally got it at loloi rugs.  You can get it on amazon



DIY coffee table

The pattern is so fun and neutral at the same time! I love that the colors are simple yet it gives the room so much contrast.

DIY coffee table

I’m still a bit on edge about the finish on the table. I don’t really like how glossy it looks. This is how an eggshell finish looks on black furniture.  Usually eggshell looks pretty matte. I guess it’s different when working with darker colors. I think I’m going to paint it with some DIY chalk paint to give it that matte look that I want.

DIY coffee table

For better protection of the MDF board I actually finished it off with clear gloss finish then went over with the eggshell paint.

This thyme pot is my favorite pot to date! I love how simple it looks! Unfortunately walmart is out of stock in this style planter. I found a few on amazon that I liked and might work similary to style.



That’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed our DIY coffee table and found it helpful! Let me know what you think in the comments! Would you paint yours a different color or keep it natural wood?

DIY coffee table

I’ll see you all next time!

Best Wishes,


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