Pressed Flower candle

Have you ever tried making a candle? I did! 😁✋ Or at least I tried. After making a trip to a few stores I realized that plain white pillar candles are a bit pricey. Since I was doing a round up of gifts for my mom I decided to see if I can turn dollar store candles into one big pillar candle for this project! Melting the wax went just fine however, pulling the candle out of the container was an epic failure. For some reason I thought as long as the container I made the candle in was straight up and down the candle would slide right out if slightly melted! YEH,…😑 NO it didn’t slide out at all. HAHA 🙈 Somehow it created a suction pocket and every time I would try pulling it out the candle would get sucked right back into the container. It was a no go for this DIY pillar candle idea!! Well, now you’ll know how not to make pillar candles! LOL😂. I’m thinking a plastic container would probably be perfect to make one in. Once the candle cools off simply cut the plastic off and you’d have a pillar candle. I’ve never tried it but, I assuming that would work. I just didn’t have time to look for the perfect plastic container so I bought a candle instead! Winco had this candle that I used  for only $7 vs the other stores were upwards of $20.

What you’ll need

  • Pillar Candle
  • Pressed Flowers (3 minute tutorial here)
  • Regular candle to match the pillar candle color
  • Old Brush
  • You will not need the spoon even though it’s pictured below

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Why I scratched the spoon Method

So before jumping into this DIY I researched a few techniques. I found so many tutorials that made this candle with a spoon, however I just couldn’t get the spoon thing to work.  The idea behind using the spoon method is to heat up the spoon against a flame then apply your flower against your candle and rub the spoon around the flower. The wax from the candle should melt and secure your flower onto the candle.  Maybe I wasn’t heating up my spoon enough and it seemed like it took forever😐. Plus when I did wait to heat the spoon an extra 20 seconds the spoon wood turn black from the flame and I would have to keep wiping it. Eventually I would forget to wipe it and have black all over my pillar candle. So I scratched this method! Flower Candle I ended up using an old brush with medium to soft bristles and dipping my brush in melted candle wax. Then I would simply apply it like glue over the flower and it would adhere to my candle. This method was way quicker!  Yes while working on the candle I would get some built up on my brush. To fix that I would simply melt it a little over the flame or wipe it off and keep working. Flower Candle Then we added a twine bow to it and that ‘s it! DIY Mother's day gift By the way if you’re wondering what flowers these were, I got them from a friends house. I believe it’s an almond flowering tree. Correct me if I’m wrong. And that’s it! What do you think? Yes sadly we had to light the candle up for the photo-shoot, but I’m sure my mom won’t mind😉. DIY mother's day gift Flower Candle  Flower Candle flower candle That’s it for now! I hope you got inspired make a flower candle of your own. Happy Mother’s day to all you mama’s. You are the BEST and the world couldn’t do without you! Have a great day because, YOU DESERVE IT!  More Mother’s day DIYS you’ll love…

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