Easter Tree

This centerpiece is definitely a show stopper. It’s super simple yet it transforms the room ssso much! I was inspired by the Easter tree trend going on on pinterest. From jelly beans being glue on to branches like ornaments to mini egg terrariums hanging off trees!  It’s all sso inspiring!! 😀  As always I try and change things up a bit. That’s how I came up with the idea of having it hang or float above the table rather than sit in vases.

In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to make two types of Easter baskets out of wire. One will be pretty detailed and the other super simple. I had a mix of both hanging off my tree. They go really well together.

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easter egg basket diy

detailed basket


easter egg basket

simple basket

What you’ll need

  • flexible wire (I purchased mine at Michael’s in the wreath making section)
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • tree branch
  • Half cracked eggs
  • Flowers and baby’s breath


Here’s how to make the baskets.  (starts at 5.31)

Isn’t it beautiful! 😀 😀

Easter Centerpiece diy

The eggs look ssso cute in these baskets!


Easter Centerpiece diy

Also in love with this table display!

Easter Centerpiece diy

If your going for a more simple look these simple baskets will work perfect!

Easter Centerpiece diy

Easter Centerpiece diy

Easter Centerpiece diy

That’s it for this diy. I hope it inspired you to create.

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