Dollar Store Centerpiece

If you love colorful Easter decor you’ll love this centerpiece. Although I used dollar store Easter eggs you can always switch them out for dyed hard boiled eggs to give it a cleaner look.  Best part about this one is your kids will LOVE it!! HAHA Our little guy couldn’t wait to get his hands on those peeps!

I  think this would be an awesome craft to make with your kiddos. (with parent supervision of course..BBQ sticks might get dangerous) If you’re trying to limit your sweet cravings then you can always go with plastic egg bunnies (pictured below. White plastic eggs) . I came across these cuties at the dollar store.

What you’ll need

  • Peeps or Plastic Egg Bunnies (hotglue needed for plastic ones)
  • Round Vase
  • Smaller Vase or glass (small enough to fit eggs around)
  • Plastic eggs or Hard boiled colored eggs
  • BBQ Sticks

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Here’s the Video tutorial

EASTER DOLLAR store centerpiece

This is a pretty self explanatory process especially with these photos. 😀 😀 As you can see I simply added my eggs around the glass inside the vase.

Then pop those peeps onto you BBQ sticks or hot glue your plastic peeps onto them.  Insert them into your floral display and that should do it. EASTER DOLLAR store centerpiece

How festive is that! I love it! It looks so fun and inviting! Makes me wanna jump in and throw confetti all over the place! HAHAEASTER DOLLAR store centerpiece

I love the gold. I think gold decor is a must for Easter! It makes everything look so much better.

And here are those yummy peeps! EASTER DOLLAR store centerpiece EASTER DOLLAR store centerpiece

That’s it for this yummy and beautiful centerpiece. I hope you enjoyed it!

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