Hi Everyone. How are you holding up?

Yesterday we had so much fun making this Handprint Father’s Day Gift! We’ve been taking it easy at home and making kids crafts together.

I know father’s day is still a few months away but, this was a great way to spend time together over spring break.  I’ve had a few hand print DIYS planned for ssso long!  I’m kind of sad I actually didn’t get around to doing this earlier.  Oleg is already 10 but, I figured it’s better late then never.

This Handprint father’s day gift can easily be customized for a mother’s day gift or even make a perfect gift for your grandparents.

It’s super easy to make! 100% kid friendly and you can get the supplies almost anywhere.

Total cost:


Time Needed :

30 minutes


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I got some wood letters and a wood sign from our local walmart.

Handprint Father’s day gift DIY

Before jumping into the DIY we had to practice our hand prints a few different ways. First we painted a thick layer of paint onto some wax paper than stamped his hand onto it to use as a print however just wasn’t enough paint.

father's day gift supplies

We finally figured out the best way to make the handprints was to paint a good thick layer of paint onto the hand and stamp it onto the surface you need it on.

Painting hand for father's day gift

Here’s a photo of how he handprinted it.

stamping hands for father's day gift\ painting hand for stamping handprint father's day gift

We than added a few drops of acrylic paint that he picked onto some wax paper and he took turns painting the letters.

Painting Letter's for father's day gift

He used some hot glue to attach the letters however you can use elmers glue too.

glue letters for father's day gift

That’s it! I hope this Handprint Father’s day gift inspires you to make one for your dad! I can’t believe how easy it is to make and I love how cute it looks😍!




Handprint Father's day gift diy

Dad loved it so much he hung it up in is man cave 😬!handprint father's day gift

Happy Crafting everyone! I hope you enjoy your spring break. 🙂 Stay Calm and Craft on! 🙂 :).

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