Hi Everyone, If you’ve missed me on instagram last week I announced that I’d be doing a series of 10 Christmas DIYs and sharing them one day at a time. All these DIYs  will be fairly easy and simple to make so if you’re a beginner to DIYs I got you covered๐Ÿ˜‰. Today I shared 1 of 10 which were these wooden stars.  They only take about 10 minuets to make require hot glue and clothespins.

time needed:

About 10-15 minutes depending on whether you do the stackable style.

Wood stars DIYsupplies:

Step 1: Dissembling your clothespins!

Start off by taking apart your clothes pins. You’ll need to remove the wire spring. clothespin stars

Step 2: Glue wood pieces together!

You’ll be left with two pieces each per clothespin. On the back sides you’ll notice a small wood slit ( photo below). Making sure these slits are facing each other secure the two pieces together with hot glue.  You’ll need to make a total of 8 like this.

DIY wooden stars

Clothes pin stars

Here’s what they should look like. ( photo below)

Securing clothespins to make stars

Step 3: Assembling your DIY clothespin stars!

Now the fun part. Start building your star by gluing the pieces together. I first glued two pieces together than I glued these two to another pair. Once my star had 4 points I added clothespins in between. That’s it! Literally how easy it is!

Making clothespin stars

DIY clothespin wooden stars

You can also do the same with smaller sized clothespins and stack them to give it more depth. They twinkle more that way! I love it! To attach my smaller star on top I used hot glue at as well.

finishing wooden stars

Different sized clothespins??! Where to get them!

I know finding different sized clothespins can be challenging. I’ve had my basic sized ones for over a year collecting dust in my craft bin. The smaller ones I picked up at a craft store.

You can also get some on amazon. I found some 4 inch and 1.75 inch clothespins that would work perfect for these stars and if you have amazon prime they ship pretty fast!


They even sell colorful ones with glitter! I found these super cute green and red ones! They would make super cute stars!


Or you can even add some gold leaf. Give them gold dipped edges! I love buying my gold leaf on amazon! You save a ton of money compared to buying them at craft stores! YES even if you use a coupon I still get a better deal on amazon.


That’s it!

Here’s how they look!! I love how simple they are yet so elegant! Also can’t believe how easy they are to make! Honestly if these were sold at anthropologie I’d probably buy some for my tree without even knowing they’re made of clothespins ๐Ÿ˜…! It’s such a fun way to recycle if you have extras lying around.

clothespin stars DIY

You can have them on your tree, hang them on your wall or even display them on your mantel.  AWE I wish I had a mantel ๐Ÿ˜ that would be so cute! 

DIY clothespin stars

That’s all for now folks! I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy DIY! Follow me on Instagram so you don’t miss out on my 10 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS DIYS! FOLLOW ME HERE!

PS: not all of these DIYS will be for christmas only ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll be making decor like ping pong garland and vintage bells from soda cans that could be used all year long!


Clothespins stars diy

I’ll see you all next time! I hope these DIY clothespins stars inspire you to make your own. It’s a fun craft to make with your kiddos too ๐Ÿ™‚

Best Wishes,