Beautiful Industrial Candle Holder

I love industrial home decor pieces. They bring the perfect amount of masculinity into the home. I always tend to over decorate and add too much femininity into my home decor. It’s actually quite a struggle for me.  So lately every time I decorate I have to ask myself what’s extra and cross it off the list!!

DIY Industrial Candelabra

What’s the Perfect Candle holder?

Let’s talk candelabra’s. I’m not the biggest fan of vintage candelabra’s because, I feel like my house would have to look super rich with high ceilings and pretty trimmings to make it look legit. That said, my house is old and has super low ceilings which makes it even harder to fit a candelabra on the dinning table.  I have to say, It’s a been a fun challenge. That’s actually how I came up with this industrial style custom candelabra.

I’m glad this only takes ten minutes to make because Thanksgiving is this week.  Boy does time fly!!  It’s so easy to make and super customizable. You can make it as tall or short as you’d like.   (PS. For those of you wondering where on earth I got the most perfect white pumpkins?! Let’s just say they used to be orange/yellow.. Yep I painted real pumpkins. 😀 )

Painting tips

If you’ll be painting pumpkins remember to use chalk paint. It’ll adhere better. I used regular interior paint and added a few table spoons of baking soda to make my paint chalk paint. (two tablespoons per 1/2 cup of paint)

Quick Video

What you’ll need

Here’s a photo to help you have a better vision of what you need. Feel free to screenshot and stop by at home-depot on your way home from grocery shopping.. I kid you not that’s how easy it is to make. Honestly the only reason it took me 10 whole minute is because, I gave all my metal a good wash before putting the pieces together.  (PLEASE NOTE: There are only 4 TEES in the photo. You will NEED FIVE!! Didn’t notice it was missing during the photoshoot! LOL cat must of got it! ) HAHA Yes! Those tiny metal pipes are called “nipples”! How weird is that! I had to google it to make sure! LOL

DIY Industrial Candelabra

How Many Candles You’ll Need

You’ll need 5 candles that will go into your candelabra. I added two more to my display simply by inserting two candles in the floor flanges and displaying directly on the table. (photo below shows example)  You could do as many as you’d like to add more dimension to your table display. I really like the difference in height it gives!

DIY Industrial Candelibra

Why I HATE Fake Pumpkins!

Okay so I had a hard time finding the perfect white pumpkins. Walmart literally had a few to pick from and they were all very ugly. For a second there I thought to go to TJmaxx or maybe Micheals and get the fake pumpkins. The price seemed right $10 for about 15 pumpkins but, there’s was a catch! My worst pet peeve is things that are fake and look fake. LOL Although those pumpkins were perfectly white just like I needed,  they were too uniform.

I like the added touch of mother nature in my home and having fake pumpkins that are obviously fake doesn’t cut it! I’m sure the more expensive stores sell faux pumpkins that look pretty realistic but, the price tag usually doesn’t fit my budget!

I’m not saying I wouldn’t have fake pumpkins in my home, I’m just saying I’m really picky about them!! HAHA Well then, now that ya’ll know my pumpkin pet peeve. What’s your home decor pet peeve?

DIY Industrial Candelabra

I love how these pumpkins turned out after a good coat of white paint. They all have their own unqiue shape to them!

DIY Industrial Candelabra

Never-ending Table Runner

If you’re wondering where I got this crazy table runner! I made it from yarn. It’s was quite a tedious project and took way longer then I expected! LOL I remember telling Tony (my hubby) it’ll only take me 20 minutes to make! HAHA Guess what it didn’t. This sucker took at least 4 hours if not more and two trips to the store because, I kept running out of yarn! PS. I still ran out after two trips to the store.  One side is missing the tassels. My calculations suck! 😀 😀 OH and I should probably mention it is a pretty big table runner!

DIY Industrial Candelabra

DIY Industrial Candelabra

Here’s a better picture to show you the difference in height! I got my candlesticks at the dollar store and had to thin them off about 1/4″ at the bottom for them to fit better into the pipes.  (I used a razor blade)

DIY Industrial Candelabra

That’s it for today! I can’t wait to see your table displays! Don’t forget to share! 🙂


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