What to make out of Wine bottles?

Neutral Struggle

So the past couple of weeks have been hectic as I’m sure yours have been as well. I feel like I can’t catch up on anything and everything needs to be done as quickly as possible including any last minute DIYS. On the subject of last minute DIYS, the last thing I always think of before a holiday is the table display… That’s probably because it happens on the actual day of the holiday.

I’ve been on the hunt for a neutral centerpiece for a quite a while now. I feel like they’re all so themed. Way to Christmasy or too many pumpkins. I really wanted something transitional. Something I could have up during the winter and summer if I wanted to.  With all that thought I figured a glass bottle is the perfect neutral piece to this project.

Since it’s winter and Christmas is literally in 5 days I decided to use pine sprigs from my Christmas tree for my centerpiece.  To sweeten that deal here’s a few more awesome things you can use for inside your wine bottles.

  • Flowers
  • Herbs
  • Eucalyptus
  • Add Glitter
  • Cranberries

Here’s a quick video.

What you’ll need

You’ll need about 14 glass bottles. Preferably different shapes, sizes, and heights. Wine bottles are perfect for this. You can also use beer bottles.  It’s good to have every 3-4 bottles matching.  All your bottles need to have a small enough neck to fit candle sticks in. Don’t worry if they’re a little smaller you can taper the bottoms of your candlesticks with a knife.

Where to purchase

If you don’t have wine bottles or beer bottles. You can either go thrift store hunting or purchase them at any craft store. I got mine at Michaels.


There’s always a catch to a super cute and easy DIY. I wish there’s wasn’t one with this one but, unfortunately there is.  If your using something like pine sprigs or eucalyptus don’t stuff your bottle too full with greenery, and here’s why… While they look nice and beautiful it’s a bit of a struggle to remove the the greenery from the bottles.  You can use long tweezers if you have any but, I simply pulled mine out one by one while the bottle was flipped upside down after pouring out the water. I used my finger gently making sure not to get it stuck in the bottle. LOL In some cases my pinky.  I wouldn’t say it’s impossible to remove but, it’s just something to keep in mind when your filling your bottles with greenery.

DIY Centerpiece

The instructions for this are pretty self explanatory. You’ll need to fill your glass bottle with cold water and insert your choice of greenery. Then twist in your trimmed candlesticks. Make sure you candlesticks are secure before lighting them. To display your bottles start with your biggest  bottles and work your way to the smallest. I had my bigger bottles in the middle and smallest on the edges. That it!! Wasn’t that easy?! I love easy DIYS! 😀 DIY Centerpiece

Here’s what they look like all purdied up with some plaid dinnerware. I love this Christmas theme. It gives just enough of a statement to say it’s Christmas.

easy wine bottle idea

wine bottle centerpiece I just can’t get over this place mats! Pottery barn always has the prettiest home decor.

DIY Centerpiece

That plaid though!! I almost wish it was trending year round but, then again I don’t see myself wearing a red plaid dress in the summertime! HAHA 😀

DIY Centerpiece

wine bottle ideas

Wine bottle centerpiece

DIY Centerpiece

Here’s a quick shot of a beautiful side view for you.  HAHA totally uneven but, it’s ok. Nothing’s perfect! DIY wine bottle Centerpiece

Nope I didn’t move the bottles. They’re exactly the same as in the photo above. 😀

DIY Centerpiece

Here’s what I meant by transitional. I decorated for a baby-shower last weekend and we ended using my bottles for the centerpiece.  I love how they look with the neutral colors as well! 😀 Keep in mind these can be used for a bridal shower or any other special occasion as well.

DIY Centerpiece

Too match to our gold and blush pink color theme we got some sheer pink fabric at Joanns and wove it between the bottles.

DIY Centerpiece

DIY Centerpiece

Here’s some gold lettering with white and blush pink peonies I attached to a pallet.

DIY Centerpiece

We even had a photobooth area. We made this backdrop using Christmas lights and a 2×8.  We used a renter friendly no wall damage method to attach it.

DIY Centerpiece


Gosh I’m getting carried away. Can you tell I’ve had a busy week! HAHA 😀  Let me know you want to learn more about some of this lovely baby shower decor.  I’ll pop in a post!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.  Happy Holidays! 😀

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