Welcome to La La Land. (I swear I didn’t steal that from the movie) As a matter of fact while chatting with my friend a couple of weeks ago we realized that my logo reads la and how unique it would to welcome everyone into my la la land. Well…That was until I mentioned it to someone else and to my surprise they’ve already made a movie named that. :/ So I guess welcome to my LA LA land.  If you don’t know me I will tell you one thing, I sure as heck can NOT sit still and am always on the move, so if you’ve noticed I haven’t popped in a blog post as often as you’d like, just jump on over to my youtube channel, (lilyardor on youtube) and I’m sure we’ll be on the road to best friends in no time:)  If you like fashion, makeup, crafting,food,etc… then you will have a blast with me. I can’t say my lifestyle is perfect but hey!! who’s is ? Although I can say that it is always full of surprise’s and weird plot twists so stay tuned.

Fun facts about me

  • You will rarely hear me say no to a cup of coffee
  • I am a crazy kid at heart and love being a goofball
  • I am a mom of one little stud muffin
  • happily married to the love of my life
  • I speak three languages
  • I love oil painting
  • my favorite food is ICECREAM all day any day…
  • Oh… and I love Blogging 😀
My perfect Latte Breve at a local coffee shop ( with my favorite blogger Munchkintime.com)