Cactus Mom Printable


This cactus inspired printable will make the perfect thoughtful gift for your mom.  Whether it’s mother’s day or her birthday this gift will last for years to come. Each cactus pot spells out the words M💛M to make your gift that much more meaningfull.

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This is a cactus inspired mother’s day string art printable. It comes in a set of three cacti plants with the words M💛M on the pots.  Each template comes with red dot indicators for your nails making your string art gift even easier to make!

These will fit perfectly on standard printer paper making this DIY even more convenient.

  • 3 downloadable files
  • PNG Files
  • Can be up-sized ( I get large scale prints printed at fed-ex)
  • Optional use of MOM lettering on the pots.

(This is not a physical product. It is only a downloadable template for string art)

For more info on how to make your own string art visit this link


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