How I Organize My Bathroom

Okay, so there’s not much to share here but I figured I’d do it anyways. Just in case it might be helpful to someone. I know my bathroom isn’t your average bathroom and most of this stuff is probably going to be totally un-relatable.Β  My bathroom is missing some essential necessities but, I’m glad to have a toilet and shower and washer and make the best of what I have for now. Hopefully in the future we will upgrade and when that day comes I will definitely be sharing the whole 5 yards with you 😁!Β  Okay than, let’s do this!

Just a fair warning! It’s not a pretty sight.Β  There’s a green sink and green walls to match it πŸ˜‚! I have big plans for this bathroom and can’t wait to start.Β  The wallpaper walls you see were flowers I hand painted while I was into shabby chic decor.Β  I’m so over the green. Honestly, I look back at it and wonder what was I thinking when I painted it πŸ™ˆ!Β  OHπŸ˜‘ and no under the sink cabinet. I use a small curtain to make it look somewhat decent.Β  It’s just an empty space with a visible water heater inside πŸ™ˆ I can’t make a legit cabinet even if I wanted to. This whole house isn’t a legal structure. It’s half home half mobile home that someone pretty much slapped together. Like a DIY type house! LOL πŸ˜… not a good DIY though! Whatever I have planned for this house will be temporary and probably not up to code😬.Β Β Β  The floor is cracked and soaks up water.. 😏 which is something I’m trying to fix as well. I don’t want to remove the old floor because it’s too much work for something temporary and at the same time I don’t want it to look crappy. LOLπŸ˜‚! There’s also the mold to consider. Oh gosh. We’ll see.Β  It is what it is and I’m happy to have a roof over our heads.

Yes I know the bathroom door is in major need of a paint job. It’s been on my to-do least for ages. I’m getting theirπŸ˜‚!

Okay here it is πŸ™ˆ!Β  This is so out of my comfort zone!

I have this shelf above my washer where I have a row of baskets and store all my bathroom goodies.

Bathroom Organization in Baskets

Here’s how I organize all my make up. I purchased some small plastic bins at the dollar store and like to organize by categories. If categories don’t fit I’ll usually do shape and size.

Here’s how I categorized it in each separate bin.

  • foundations
  • powders
  • serums and eye creams
  • brushes
  • moisturizes
  • eyeliners, pencils, concealers, + miscellaneous


These little containers are sold at the dollar store in a set of 4 I believe.Β  πŸ˜€

In this second basket I keep all my body + hair care.Β  I also got these little containers at the dollar store and I think they came in a pack of 6.Β  They’re the perfect size for lotions and hairsprays! Just what I was looking for.

Next is my hair styling basket.Β  I keep my brushes on one end. My hair pins and hair ties in little cups and all my curling and styling on the other end. You probably already know where I got those plastic bins.

OH GOSH!! I’m cringing totally cringing πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ! I was super duper tempted not to share this basket! LOLπŸ˜… If this is too much info just scroll down! 😬I apologize!Β  I keep all my feminine hygiene products with bath salts in one basket.Β  I like to stick to storing stuff I use less in the same basket.

Okay and last but not least is my big plastic bin under the sink.Β  ( stored behind the curtain) I like to keep all my laundry detergents in here. I do not keep my cleaning supplies in here because it’s hard to pull out the bin each time so instead I store my cleaning supplies under the sink in the kitchen. πŸ˜€

Here’s a quick video –

That’s it! Not sure if this was at all helpful but, I promised I’d share my organizing challenge and I wasn’t about to flake out on it! πŸ˜€

How do you like to keep your bathroom organized? Do you organize by categories as well?