Office Organizing!

I have seriously been carried away with all my bedroom remodeling! If you’ve been following along on Instagram you probably saw I just shared my new DIY closet doors that I’ll be posting here soon. (burlap involved!😁)

This office organizing video has been on the back burner since January. I know I promised it a while ago and I apologize about the delay. I guess that’s what happens when you get too excited about a NEW DIY and forget about all the other things that were going on in your life! LOL!

To start off I’m probably the worst person on the planet when it comes to paperwork organization lol😂🙈! Being organized is not something that comes natural to me. Especially when it comes to paperwork! Overtime I’ve learned a few things that have helped me keep organized. If you have any tips let me know! I’d love to know how you keep organized.

Also I don’t actually have a separate office room.  My office is a little nook in the living room. Not the cutest but, I learned to love it! (photo below) WOW that chalkboard wall isn’t the prettiest sight!😬 I’ll tell you what if you have kiddos this is a bad bad idea! When Oleg was a bit smaller I couldn’t keep it clean! I can’t wait to paint everything white and make a new desk.

Breaking up into Categories

I like to keep my paperwork in three categories.  This helps a ton!

  • #1 is personal
  • #2 is business
  • #3 is totally random paperwork  ( scroll down to see how I keep this organized)

Here’s how I keep my personal and business paperwork organized. I got these little plastic filing bins at walmart for $4 each. What a game changer! I used to have a huge filing cabinet and I’m sssso happy it’s gone. It took up way to much space and wasn’t really functional. I don’t need to file that much paperwork and these little filing bins are the perfect size. I also love that each category gets their own bin.

To keep my receipts organized I store them in plastic bins for each year. Throughout the year I’ll add all the receipts to the bin and when tax season comes I’m ready. You can use shoe boxes instead of plastic bins to.

Label your bins

I think labels make a world of a difference.  It saves so much headache! To make my labels I typed them up on a word document and printed on plain paper. Than cut and tape to your bins.  If you don’t have a printer or computer you can always go to your local library. I can’t say enough about our library. I used to go their all the time before I got my printer.

Random Paperwork and keeping your paperwork clutter at bay!

Probably my biggest struggle to date is paperwork on the kitchen counter.  In January I started doing things a bit different. My paperwork clutter is almost always paperwork the will eventually get thrown away. Coupons, statements etc.. It’s the kind of paperwork you think you’ll need but never end up using. Also added to this is Olegs homework and drawings. These are ones I want to keep for sure. So, to solve my paperwork clutter problem I decided to try the trash can method!  NO not tossing it in the trash! I have two bins right next to my desk.  One of them is a real trash bin and the other stores all my paperwork clutter.  Every 3-6 months I will go through it and clean it out.  Shoot if you get a bin big enough you can go through it once a year. LOL🙈! I’m totally tempted because I hate anything that has to do with paperwork!

Paperwork from previous years!

Okay, last but not least is old paperwork.  I store all my old paperwork in big bins in the back of the house. I like keeping it out of my office since it’s not always visible and I know where it is if I need to pull up old paperwork.

Here’s a quick video of the my office tour.


That’s it! I hope this is helpful. I would love to know how you keep your office organized! DO share!


I’ll see you next time!

XO, Lily-