Hi everyone, today I’m sharing how I styled my christmas tree in a basket.


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I originally shared this as a quick video only on instagram but, have had so many questions about it that I’ve decided to add more information in a blog post.

what you’ll need

  • a basket about 19″ inches in diameter and 13″ in height  ( I found my basket at hobby lobby. it was 40% off )
  • if the basket is see through some gift tissue
  • some wood blocks and maybe plywood

I found similar baskets on amazon


To clear the confusion about watering the tree.

It is actually really easy to water the tree this way. The wood blocks elevate the tree stand to sit at the top half of the basket. The wood blocks don’t allow it sit too deep inside the basket making it easy to access for watering with a watering pitcher. This is the watering pitcher I have and I absolutely love it!


LET’s Style this tree in a basket!!

I instantly fell in love when I saw this basket. The only downside to this basket is that it’s see through but, I quickly decided I could make it work with some gift tissue in a tan color.

christmas tree basket

You don’t need a lot of tissue one pack is more then enough.

christmas tree basket

We have a pile of wood blocks by the shop that Tony uses while working on cars. I borrowed a few to help elevate the christmas tree inside the basket.

Just be sure to add two blocks next to each other so the christmas tree has a sturdy and solid surface to sit on. If this worries you you can also add a small piece of plywood on top before setting the tree into the basket. That is actually what I ended up doing.

christmas tree basket

Next I added some tissue paper around the walls inside. I used some tape to attach it to the basket. This is totally optional. I just didn’t want the wood blocks and tree stand to be visible.

christmas tree basket

I just own a basic christmas tree stand that we install a real tree into every year.  We’ve had the stand for years and it’s served us so well! Keep in mind you can also add a fake tree into the basket. You will probably need that plywood on top of the wood blocks for a smoother surface though.

Here’s a link to the one I own.


That’s pretty much it! I just added my tree in there.

christmas tree basket

I also added a blanket around the edges that kind of draped over the basket. This is my favorite finishing touch.

christmas tree basket

christmas tree basket

I love how easy this is to do! It’s also cheaper then getting a tree collar and I love that I can reuse the basket throughout the year to store throw pillows next to my couch or throw blankets! I love this so much better then the other options out there! Hope you’re inspired!

Confused?? Get the video tutorial here –   https://www.instagram.com/p/CXdbPITFEA2/ 

That’s all for today!


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