Healing, Volumizing, exfoliating Homemade Hair Mask

Healing, Volumizing, exfoliating Homemade Hair Mask

OH when Reality hits!!

Homemade hair mask ? and why??.WELL Okay so… I have terribly damaged hair and I am not proud of it. Here’s the reality of it. Once you start experimenting with your hair you can’t stop. The first time I tried coloring my hair was when I was 14. “Were going to tan” we would tell our mother.. when in reality we were sneaking out lemon juice to put on hair so it would lighten from the sun.  Lol and guess what it worked. Barely but it did. Considering Alaska doesn’t get to hot in the summer time we were pretty surprised. OH but you know what we did once we saw the tiniest bit of results.!! YEP!! We went out and bought the real stuff. We bleached some highlights into our hair and when confronted by mother we confidently told our little lemon experiment story. Funny now that I think about it we were pretty sneaky kids…bad kids..(if you a kid reading this don’t try this at home) 😀 I guess I could say I have a lot of experience with homemade hair treatments considering I’ve been at it since 14.

WHY this Hair MASK??!!

I absolutely love this homemade hair mask. First of all it is the only Homemade hair mask I saw results immediately after the first treatment. I’ve tried using regular coconut, olive oil, castor oil hair masks and they didn’t do much.  This is like my diy HOLY GRAIL hair mask. I’ve noticed 3 major differences in my hair. It became super voluminous. “A pretty voluminous not the AFRO thunder voluminous I usually get after showering.” My roots feel refreshed and clean. I’ve tried expensive $60 exfoliating shampoo’s (waist of money) and they were no near as good as this hair mask. Also my hair felt revived. My ends didn’t look as fried and my overall hair health boosted. These were the things I noticed from my first treatment. So go ahead.. don’t be shy.. You won’t regret trying it.  (SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO)

What you’ll need

1 banana

1/2 cup black beer (purchased at walmart)

1 tbsp Honey (I used raw organic Alaskan honey) Props to my mom for keeping bees and spoiling me with delicious honey.

1 egg

1 tbsp coconut oil

Instructions: I blended the banana with the egg,coconut oil, and honey then I poured in the beer and stirred until it was an even consistency.

Homemade hair mask

Apply to dry hair. Brush through with your wet brush and leave on for minimum of 2 hours. Rinse for 5 minutes and shampoo and condition like you normally would.  Then simply repeat weekly 🙂 and you will magically turn into Rapunzel. 😉 (jk but close) (keep in mind there is such a thing as over protein-ing your hair so don’t do hair masks daily your hair will turn brittle and break quick)

See it’s magically lifted 😀 This hair mask has fairy dust abilities 😀 Haha Jk. But yes that’s what it feels like. Light airy, healthy, and super clean.

Homemade hair mask


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HERE’S a Pinable one so you can share this magical mask with your friends.

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