A DIY Hair mask that works!

I’ve had terribly damaged hair for a while now and this DIY hair mask has given it the needed boost. Here’s the reality. Once I started experimenting with hair coloring I couldn’t stop. The first time I tried coloring my hair was when I was 14. “We’re going to tan” we would tell our mother. When in reality we were sneaking out lemon juice to put on hair so it would lighten from the sun, and guess what it worked. Barely, but it did. HAHA!! Considering Alaska doesn’t get to hot in the summer time we were pretty surprised but, you know what happened once we saw the tiniest bit of results.!! YEP!! We went out and bought the real stuff. We bleached some highlights into our hair and when confronted by mom we confidently told her of our little lemon juice experiment.  BAD BAD kids 😬!! (if you’re a kid reading this don’t try this at home) 😑AGHH theirs always consequences. I’ve tried a lot of DIY hair masks and this one is the only one I’ve seen immediate results from.

What results to expect from this DIY hair mask!

So many hair masks at home don’t have visible results. Coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil hair masks didn’t do much to my hair.  At least nothing I could really notice.  This one is definitely my HOLY GRAIL  DIY hair mask!  I’ve noticed 3 major differences in my hair after the first treatment.

#1 It became super voluminous. By voluminous I mean pretty voluminous not the AFRO thunder voluminous I usually get after showering.”

#2 My roots feel refreshed and clean. I’ve tried expensive $60 exfoliating shampoo’s (waist of money) and they were no where near as good as this hair mask.

#3 Also my hair felt revived. My ends didn’t look as fried and my overall hair health boosted.

Doesn’t get better than that right!



There is a thing called over proteining your hair.  If you’re hair has too much protein you’ll notice more dryness and breakage.  Take into consideration what shampoo you use as well as conditioner. If they have repairing property their mostly likely have some sort of protein treatment. I’m not a hair expert but, these are just a few things I’ve picked up over the years.

I always wondered why my hair seemed like it felt better if I switched out my shampoo every once in a while instead of constantly using the same one.  Turns out it’s actually better to alternate between shampoos. Like for example my hair is dry and damaged so I wash it twice with a moisturizing shampoo and once with a repairing shampoo. And repeat the pattern instead of constantly washing with repairing shampoo which could cause damage to my hair because theirs too much protein.  You need to create the perfect balance in nutrients for your hair.

How often should I use this DIY Hair Mask?

I wouldn’t do this DIY hair mask more than once every two weeks. Considering I already use a super strong repairing (Jioco repair) I don’t want to over protein my hair.  If you’re not currently using a repairing shampoo you can push for once a week. Keep in mind if you over protien your hair it feels just as bad as getting it bleached

What you’ll need

1 banana

1/2 cup black beer (purchased at walmart)

1 tbsp Honey (I used raw organic Alaskan honey) Props to my mom for keeping bees and spoiling me with delicious honey.

1 egg

1 tbsp coconut oil

DIY hair mask

To begin melt you honey. Don’t overheat it. I melted mine over a hot water bath. Following that combine your egg , honey, coconut butter and the banana.

hair mask

banana hair mask

beer for hair

Blend all those ingredients and add your beer.

hair mask at home

Mix your beer in with a spoon and apply to your hair.

diy hair mask

I applied it to my hair and left it for an hour.  I wrapped a grocery bag over it.

beer for hair

OMG my had so much volume and felt exfoliated.


hair mask at home



That’s it. Hope this was helpful!

What’s your biggest struggle with your hair?