Versatile Holiday Table decor

Can I just start off by saying this holiday table decor isn’t only convenient but, also has endless possibilities.Β  You can switch out the apples for pumpkins in the fall or freshen it up with some lavender sprigs for a cute Easter table display.Β  I can totally see it both ways! And to add to the list of convenient things…, Rosemary and apples are sold in almost every grocery store.Β  They’re easy to get and rosemary will match almost any season. 😁 Everyone shops for groceries right?? Grab some extra rosemary for your table decor and best of all you can give it a rinse after than chop it up and make some rosemary olive oil cubes. It’ll keep the freezer burn off your herbs for longer and it’s great for stews, roasts, soups and more. Perfect for the winter season! WIN WIN EHH?! πŸ˜ƒΒ  Okay than before we get way off subject let’s make these quick pretty candles.


I completed 3 candles in about 7 minutes.

Total Cost: Around $30

So this cost me a little more than I expected.Β  Makes sense though because, I had nothing at all to start off with except for the twine.Β  The candles were the priciest.Β  Keep in mind you can always recycle old wood you have around the house for the wood slat or even use a burlap table runner or something to make this display.Β  Have fun with it! πŸ˜€

(price may very. Depending on what you already have at home and what sales Hobby Lobby has)

Holiday Table


I got all my supplies for this display at my local hobby lobby and the rosemary at Walmart. I’ll link all the supplies to the hobby lobby website so you can get the same exact products if you want.

Wood Slat

Pillar CandlesΒ Β  (although I used real candles I would highly recommend battery operated candles if you plan on burning the candles for a while since it might be fire hazardous. Plus battery operated candles last longer. You can get some here)



Rubber bands


How to secure your Rosemary to the candles!

All you’ll need to do first is put and rubber band on your candle. Stick rosemary under the rubber band working your way around the candle and tie it with some twine making sure not to tie in the rubber band. Than remove your rubber band and BA BAM!! You’ve got yourself some fancy candles! 😁 PRETTY EASY! RIGHT!Β  Here’s some photos showing the process. christmas candle Christmas

Depending on how much rosemary you have in your packet it might cover half your candle or be just enough. I had a total of three packets and it worked perfect for these 3″Β  (diameter) candles.Β  Note: I did stand in the aisle for a good 15 minutes going through every packet HAHAπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Just to make sure I got the fullest packets. If you’ve noticed my rosemary plant in the photos unfortunately I ended up not using it at all because the sprigs were to flimsy on it. The rosemary in the packets had thicker sprigs and worked perfect. Christmas Candle

Oh and just a quick little tip, don’t forget to trim it a little. You still want to see some candle πŸ™‚ ! Holiday Table Decorations Christmas decorations

Christmas Candle

WARNING! Sorry I had too much fun taking photos of this display. Just a heads up I might overload you with fancy candles. 😬 Hope you like em!

Holiday Table - Christmas

The metal details on this wood totally got! I’m not a huge fan of everything rustic but if there’s a touch of industrial I’m all in! 😍😊

Christmas Table

Just curious do those apples look kinda real? I’ve been told they look fake and than again my little guy almost took a bite out of one before realizing it was fake πŸ˜‚.

Christmas Table Decor

Christmas Table

I love how they look in the dark! Now we just gotta wait for Christmas to give these some use πŸ™‚ !

Christmas candle

Holiday table

Here’s good example to show you how I trimmed the rosemary in the front above the bow. (photo below)

holiday table

holiday table

I hope you liked these versatile Christmas Candles! Don’t forget to drop a line down below and let me know what your latest projects are! Happy Crafting! I hope your having an amazing weekend!