Hi everyone! I hope you have a great start to your week.

Today I want to share how I made some faux bunny tails! This DIY cost me $0 because I had everything on hand. WOOHOO!

total cost:

It should cost around $5-10 for supplies. What a great way to get high end decor on a budget!

supplies needed:

  • hot glue
  • white faux fur ( about 1/4 yard to make 20 bunny tails)
  • craft paint ( desert sand color) + water and paint brush
  • dry grass stems from outside
  • blow dryer
  • brush

I also have this video version of the DIY

DIY fake bunny tails!

The technique behind this DIY is pretty easy. You’ll need two small longish pieces of fur that you’ll glue back sides facing each other with straw grass in between.

To start you’ll need to make a pattern for your bunny tail. I did this buy sketching a long shaped tear drop on some recycled cardboard. The trick is to keep it about 1/2 in width and not more. If you do the pattern any wider then the bunny tails end up being way to big.  I love that you can control what color and how big you want your bunny tails with this DIY.  My tear drop pattern was also only about 2.5 inches long.  I flipped the faux fur fabric facing down and used my pattern to trace the shapes onto the back. Make sure yor tear drop shapes go up and down with the way the fur lays. Don’t go across.  Apply glue onto your dry grass stem at the top and attach one piece of your faux fur.

Then apply more hot glue and attach the other piece of faux fur (here’s what it should look like – photo below)

Next I diluted some acrylic paint in water and applied a bit of this tinted water to the sides of the bunny tails avoiding the seams where they were both secured.

I brushed it out a bit and used my blow dryer to dry it. This gave it a spiky look. You might need to brush it out once an dry more. If your bunny tail is not becoming spiky your paint isn’t diluted enough or it’s till too wet.

Okay and the last step is gluing the seam shut. I applied a strip of glue along the seam and squished the fur surrounding it together.  That’s it! Aren’t these so easy to make!

I LOVE how they turned out! Honestly can’t believe I put these together with stuff I had at home!

I also love how the paint gives the fur a spiky look. Without the paint they were just looking like fur balls because they were too fluffy and had no shaped.

And this vase is stunning! I got it a hobby lobby for $10. It was on sale and has the prettiest blush amber color!

That’s it! I’ll see you all next time. I hope this inspires you to make some of your own bunny tails.  😀 😀

best wishes,