Back to the basics Simple Fall Wreath

Hi my crafty peeps, I hope you all had a fun week! I’m pretty sure your schedule is super busy and the last thing you’d want to do is add more hard work to your weekend.  That’s why, I am ssso excited to bring you some quick & easy DIYs to brighten up your home! I’m sure you’ve probably noticed I recently missed a few weeks of DIYS and I’m not going to lie I felt a little overwhelmed and burned out. I still wanted to create I just had so many ideas I didn’t know which direction I should go in so, I just paused a little🙈. Does that ever happen to you? Do you ever pause because chaos gets the best of you?  I’m all good now. I promise😊. In fact that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. 2 Weeks ago we went on a road trip. We’ve only been to the beach once with the family and decided it would be nice to go again.  Oleg was begging to go to legoland too so, made his wish come true. It was about a 14 hour trip (one way) but OH MAN we had a blast. Family road trips are my favorite. 😬It’s the one time we aren’t around electronics and I get to talk face to face. LOL Great way to communicate!

On our way out of Legoland 🙂

Anyhow, I figured by the time we came home I’d be mentally set to blog again.  As we started heading home the more I thought about my blog the more I realized I wasn’t ready.  The one thing I couldn’t figure out is how to make my projects more relatable to you? On our way home we visited family in California.  My sister in law is amazing. She’s a mom of 4 and works part time. Busy busy busy! Taking kids to and from school, cooking, cleaning, feeding, and repeat!! After talking to her a bit about the blog I realized that life is busy and not a lot of people have time for lengthy projects even if they love them.  So I came to a conclusion!  Quick and easy! Or at least it’s something I am super excited to try. All this thinking and brainstorming made me realize I will be going back to the basics.  Stuff you use around the house or would need.  Up to this point a lot of my DIYs were far from basic. By the way I was amazed by everyone’s response to my newsletter last week. Thank you for taking the time out to let me know you loved this idea. Okay than let’s make this basic fall wreath! It’s simple and best of all transitions from summer to fall! Win Win! 😀 Quick video version


This wreath can take you anywhere from 30 min to one hour to complete.  It took me about 45 minutes to complete but I was being super picky and kept coming back in to fix it.

Total Cost:  around $28

(price may very. Depending on what you already have at home and what sales Joanns has) DIY wreath

Supplies (1 stop shop – all at Joanns fabric)

I got all my supplies for this wreath at my local Joanns fabric store. I’ll link all the supplies to the joanns website so you can get the same exact products if you want.

  • Tea Leaf  (greenery)
  • Berries  ( I couldn’t find the exact ones I used on the joanns website but I found two similar ones linked below. You can also check your local Joanns store. The name of the ones I used is “RC MOUNTAIN BERRY SPRAY”

Option #1 Rosehip berries.  Option #2 Blooming autumn berries

Adding Greenery to your wreath.

  1.  For this step I simply wrapped the tea leaves around the wreath without shortening the stem. Fall wreathFall wreath
  2. I made sure to secure the plastic stems with some floral wire and kept going around the wreath following the same steps.  diy wreathdiy fallHere’s what the wreath looked like midway.   I also secured some of the sprigs that were really sticking out with a smaller piece of wire.  green wreath
  3. Once I got to the last two bushes of leaves it was a bit harder to wrap around the wreath since there wasn’t much room left on the wreath so I shortened the stem a bit.  wreath tutorial diy wreath
  4.  Okay at this point there should be stems sticking out pretty unevenly. Use your wire cutters to trim off the sprigs that stick out too much and use your hot glue to secure them into spots that need more greenery. fall diydiy fall You can leave your wreath simply green or add berries/flowers.  I was already in love with the wreath at this point and almost didn’t add the berries but, I figured I’d give them a try anyway.


Adding Berries to your fall wreath!

5. I started off by adding 3 bigger chunks of berries with hot glue ( leaving little stems on the berries). Than I tried to stick to 2-4 berries to fill the rest of the wreath. diy wreathdiy wreath Okay and finally add some burlap ribbon and that’s it. You can also tie a bow if you’d like. I wanted to keep it simple plus I figured a bow might clash with the berries. diy wreath That’s it. I hope you love it as much as I do! 😁 fall wreath diy fall wreath These tea leaves are amazing though! I love the rustic texture they have! fall wreath Here’s a quick view of the side. You can still see a bit of the beautiful grapevine. fall wreath diy fall wreath And a final pic of my new wreath in the sunset!  😍🙂 diy fall wreath   Happy Crafting! I hope your having an amazing weekend!