Easter Vibes

Easter is one of my favorite Holidays.  Aisles filled with pastels, bunnies and tulips sure make the spring season feel more festive.  Easter has always been a big holiday for us, but seeing as we aren’t exactly rich we like to keep things simple. It isn’t until I got into DIY’s that our tablescapes became this fancy.  Every time I go to a store like Anthroplogie, or World market… and Yes world market is more budget friendly, but I still can’t afford everything I want. 🙂  So to make things festive the affordable way this year I made my own napkins, added pzzaz to my silverware and spiced up my dinnerware.  All in all I have to say it turned out quite lovely.

Easter Table Setting

There are so many ways you can go with your easter tablescape and nowadays with simplicity trending... even the simplest chunk of would could cost you a good buck.  I’ve always loved pastels, but my favorite pastel by far is the color aqua.  While winter calls for dark and cozy colors.. Every time spring comes around I tend to favor aqua once again.  So in honor of my favorite color of the season I present to you my super cute pom pom aqua napkins.

What you’ll need

To make these you’ll need

  • 2 yards of fabric (will make 8 (16×16) napkins) (purchased my fabric at walmart)
  • Pom pom Trim  (optional.. It does get quite pricey with the trim) (purchased at Joanns)
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine

Here’s the break down. The pom pom trim is quite pricey, but it is totally worth it.. 😀 I purchased my trim at Joanns. It was $3.99 a yard.  With my 50%  coupon off I got it for 1.99 a yard.  My napkins were around 16×16 inches. You can make them even smaller if you want. Lunch napkins run smaller then dinner napkins.  I used 2 yards of the pom pom trim for one napkin.  The aqua fabric I purchased at walmart was $2.98 a yard.  So the total for each napkin is about $4.75.  If you make 8 of them that’s only $38 and some light elbow grease 😉 That’s is a steal compared to buying it at the department store for $96 at $12 bucks a pop.  Oh and you get to pick your own colors. Stick with one color or make all the colors of the rainbow 🙂 Have Fun!

Easter table setting

Rolled Hem

Being a seamstress for over a decade now I’ve learned a thing or two about stitching.  In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to achieve the perfect rolled hem. This is definitely a good stitch to know especially if your beginner.  It can be used on prom dresses, skirts, pant hems and much more…. You will usually see this stitch in formal dresses for the purposes of keeping it thin and clean. Seeing as I needed to add the pom pom trim to my napkins. I decided this would be the perfect stitch to keep it clean.  AND FINALLY….The first step is to fold a thin strip of fabric in and stitch it through.

easter table setting

The second step is to fold it in again and stitch it through once more… 😀

easter table setting

Yep… That easy. This is what it should look like…

easter table setting

Then I went on by stitching the pom pom trim on.

easter table setting

For the edges when your done stitching along one side..pin the corner in place before sliding it around to stitch the other side. I usually just pull the needle out once the napkin corner is under the pressure foot. If this isn’t working for you..you can try basting the edges every time you get to a corner.

napkin diy

And that’s it. As easy as that.

Napkin Diy

easter table setting

easter table setting

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and learned a thing or two. 😀  If you wanna know how these lovely easter eggs were created you can visit this >> link.

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Stay tuned to see how I made my copper silverware.. 😀