DIY Wallet for your little guy

DIY Wallet for your little guy


Every mother out there knows that taking your little ones to the grocery store isn’t always the best idea. Especially if it’s walmart where there’s toys. 😀 I can’t say our little guy gets to bad. He is pretty good at knowing that we can’t buy the whole store, but like all humans it’s a natural urge to want everything you don’t have.  So we usually take a quick stroll through the toy aisle and that makes his day.  In regards to me buying the whole store I’ve decided to let him manage his own money. So every time we go to the store he could buy what he wants from the money he saved up. It’s a double whammy.. 😀 I save money and he learns to manage his own.

DIY Wallet Craftiness

So when I told him about my little plan, he was so excited he asked me to make him a wallet. How cute 🙂 !! This is where my crafty side kicked in. I have a whole cupboard of fabric that we picked through, and off we went making this super cute little wallet.

PS. The first day we went out to goodwill he was so excited about the toys he was tootling with…he lost his wallet..YEP. 🙁


diy wallet
We  cut out our squares and added some details to it
diy wallet
Stitched the two squares together
diy wallet
Sewed on the zipper
diy wallet
We turned it inside out and stitched up the two sides.


diy wallet
and don’t forget to secure the sides.
diy wallet
and that’s That. Quick and cute.

Since he lost this one maybe for our next project we’ll do a kids duct tape wallet or something.. 😀 Comment below if you have any ideas for his next wallet 🙂

If you make this wallet don’t forget to tag me on instagram @lilyardor. I would love to see you craftiness.


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Here’rs a cute pinable to add to your favorite pinterest board. 😀

boys waller diy


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6 thoughts on “DIY Wallet for your little guy”

  • Aw that’s too cute, and I love the fabric you used!! My girls have their own wallets and love to stroll through toy aisles even if they don’t get something every time… so much fun, I feel like making them one now! Thank you for sharing at Sweet Inspiration!

    • Oh 😀 thank you. I’m glad you liked it. I think it’s the thought that they have something of their own that gets them so excited. It’s nice to teach them responsibility early on. I’m glad I inspired you to make one. Can’t wait to see them. Tag me @lilyador on instagram 😀 .

  • A perfect DIY activities for kids and boys which help them to explore their creativity. The reusability of cloths done in effective manner, thus money saving not only becomes easy but security of money through them becomes easy.

    • Thank you. I’m super excited to see your DIY wallet. Don’t forget to tag me on instagram. @lilyardor. I’m so happy you liked.

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