Hi everyone, today I’m sharing how I reused some old egg cartons to make beautiful faux ceramic egg holder. In other words these are made to look like they’re ceramic however they are made of model magic. If you’re not familiar with model magic. It’s a lightweight clay that is super flexible non sticky and easy to work with.

recycled egg carton project

Time Needed: 10 + 10 Minutes

You’ll need to time to roll out the model magic and position it over the egg carton. Once it dries overnight you’ll then need to paint and seal them. A very easy DIY indeed.

Total Cost: About $5

I want to say this is a fairly budget friendly DIY. I had the egg cartons and paints on hand all I had to buy was the model magic.

model magic project

They sell model magic in different colors.



Let’s Make some Cute Faux Ceramic Egg holders!

Keep in mind this can be done with any clay you’d like. This was my first time using model magic and I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised. I think it’s perfect for almost any project because it’s so flexible and doesn’t crack as easily as regular air clay. 

Start off by rolling out the clay. I recommend keeping it at least 1/4 of an inches in thickness.  Any thinner and the project tends to be too flimsy.

easter craft

Next lay the clay over your egg carton.

recycled egg carton project

Gently push the clay down a bit making sure you don’t push it down into the egg carton completely. I learn it works best if you lightly shape it around the egg carton to avoid cracking in the clay.

egg holder dit

This next step is optional. You can trim the edge to give it a neater look if you’d like. AND that’s it! I love how easy this Easter Project is!

egg holder diy

Finishing Touches!

I let them dry overnight and painted them with some acrylic paint the next day.

diy egg holders

This is the most important step to making the clay look like real ceramic. I diluted some brown acrylic paint in water and lightly outlined the edges with a thin brush. This gives the egg holders such a realistic look.  Just be careful not to do the brown too down. It’s better to do thin layers of brown and let it dry between the layers.

diy egg holder

I then made a some diluted black acrylic paint as well and alternated between black and brown to give it a a speckled effect. Simply dip the paint brush in the diluted paint then  and spray the paint on the egg holders by pulling on the bristles of the paint brush. THAT’S IT!

easter egg holder

And the last step is sealing it all off with some food safe mod podge. Even though the mod podge says it’s dishwasher safe I’m not sure the foam clay is so I wouldn’t recommend washing them in a dishwasher. I keep mine clean by wiping them or gently rinsing. 


THE finished look!

I love the speckled effect on these egg holders. My only regret is not making some of them thick enough.

Here’s a link for the video.

speckled easter

THESE colors are adorable! I tried to keep it simple but cheerful! Love the pale blue šŸ˜€

ceramic egg holder DIY

ceramic egg holder

speckled egg holder

a close up on that speckle. you can see both the black and brown colors.

ceramic egg holder

speckle egg holder ceramic

That’s all for today folks! I hope you found this inspiring! Follow me on instagram and on youtube @lilyardor. Tag me on instagram to share you creations. Can’t wait to see šŸ™‚


Best Wishes,