HEART Elbow Patches…

The more I surf pinterest the more I realize elbow patches are all the rage. I love that classic look with a rustic vibe. Buttoned up white cotton blouse with a fitted sweater and suede elbow patches. I absolutely LOVE sweaters.

If you haven’t noticed by now all the trendy looks are usually overpriced and if it’s cheap there’s a catch.  So to eliminate the fishy catches and add a little fun to your day why not make your own chic sweater with custom elbow patches.  This is my twist on a casual sweater. Pair it with some skinny jeans, some booties , a cute scarf and off you go… No need to change 5 times before you head out the door. These Diy patches are super easy to make..Take a look! 😀


I can’t say I’m a gal of specific style or taste. I believe fashion is art and you express yourself through what you wear. So in other words yes I do like to experiment with my fashion, interior decor, and food… Because let’s face it I’m probably not the only one that wants something that doesn’t exist and in these cases our creative senses kick in.  I am all about DIY. If I could save $70 on a sweater by investing 15 minutes of my time into something I already have then shooot… What am I loosing? 😀

So lets dive right in to these fun diy patches!!!

diy patches

Just to make sure my heart was the perfect size and shape I practiced my patterning on a piece of paper 😀


diy patches

Then simply fold the fabric and trace your folded paper heart on top of your fabric .

diy patches

Once your done cutting out your fabric hearts they should look something like this.

diy patches

I used a thick needle with some thick thread that I doubled and knotted the end.


diy patches

Before I went off stitching my heart’s I tried on my sweater and pinned where my elbows were. Don’t forget to measure the distance from the bottom of your sleeves on each hand to make sure they are even because sometimes the pinning isn’t enough.

diy patches

Then I pinned the heart patch in place and sewed away…

Here’s a little video to give you a better idea on how I stitched the patches to the sweater. It doesn’t have to be perfect. That is the beauty of diy’s it’ll always be unique and one of a kind. Perfection is overrated 😀

diy patches

This is what it looked like once I was done. It turned out just liked I imagined it would. I love that you can tell it’s hand sewn not something you see everyday nowadays. 😀

DIY patches diy patches Diy patches


Isn’t it so stinking cute?!!! I hope you loved this tutorial and found it helpful…Now go make your own trendy sweater with diy patches!! 😀

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