Finally a DIY Nightstand

So I’ve had this nightstand on my DIY list for about a year now. It’s crazy how DIYS can be put on hold for so long and I’m ssso glad I finally got around to making it happen.  Last year I received a brad nailer for Christmas because, my hubby knew it was something I’ve wanted for a while. I had so many DIYS planned that included using a brad nailer and I was sssso happy to get one.  It was a pricey gift but, I knew it would pay off. Reality is…, within this year I’ve only gotten a chance to use it a few times. The plans I had were scratched and what remained were put on hold.  It’s been too long and I can’t wait to start popping out home decor DIYS so stay tuned for some sweet home decor tutorials. YAY!!

Scandinavian Nightstand

Okay I’ve been dreaming of making my home look more neutral and bring in some Scandinavian vibes.  My bedroom needs some major updates. I’m talking there’s like no decor style going on at all. I have an old nightstand from the thrift store that’s like yellow and a simple white down blanket and that’s it.  After doing some research I liked the idea of pin legs.  Then I found out that the metal pin legs are pretty pricey which didn’t really fit my budget. So, I decided to do my legs from 2″x3″s but, still keep it stylish by tapering the legs in.

Here’s what you’ll need

  • two small metal hinges
  • 2″ screws
  • Brad Nailer
  • Table Saw
  • Wood Glue
  • optional : Sander
  • One  2″x”3 x 8′ length
  • Pine plywood
  • Screw driver
  • Drill
  • brad nailer


Here’s what all my pieces look liked cut out.

Okay here are the steps to put it all together.

If you’re into videos here’s a video showing how we put it together. Plus our fails along the way. 😀

Step 1- Piecing it together

First we glued the sides to the bottom and added some nails with the brad nailer. Following that we flipped it over and added the back.

YES our wood had some damage but I was ok with it since it was on the bottom.

Step 2  – Attaching the front door

We used small hinges to attach the front shelf door.

We carefully pre-drilled some holes and used a screw driver to secure it. If you’re using a drill be very careful so it doesn’t split the plywood.

Step 3 – Centering your Legs

Following that while it was flipped over we marked 1.75 inches away from the edges and centered our legs and trims.

We glued the legs and trim together then attached it to the nightstand with glue as well.

Step 4 – Securing the trim to the legs

We used our braid nailer at an angle to secure the trim to the legs.

Like this.

Step 5 –  Attaching the Legs

Okay than we pre-drilled a hole in the center. Once our first hole was pre-drilled we used a bigger drill bit to countersink the screw because it wasn’t long enough.

Flip your night stand over, pre-drill holes and add screws as well to secure the 4 legs.

We used this drill bit to counter sink our screws for a smooth finish.


Step 6 – Attaching the top

Okay following that we glued the top before securing it with a brad nailer.

Step 7- Attach your Magnet

To finish it off we installed this magnet so the door closes and that’s it.

There was a few bumps we came across.  We didn’t have a router saw to cut out our little hand on the front door so he used a table saw. It ended up being pretty messy on the back but it worked and looked great on the front side. Here’s what it looked like on the back side. Honestly can’t complain. I couldn’t have done this without my hubby so I’m super with it even if it’s a little rough around the edges. LOL

And here’s how it looks like in my bedroom. I love the natural look of the wood.

This little table lamp is sssso cute. I got it at world market. Unfortunately they were all out of stock and she said they weren’t getting any back in.  She sold me the one on display. YAY! World market always has the cutest decor.

I got this pillow there too . Isn’t it ssso cute! I love the bohemian feel it gives.

I know we had  a poll on Instagram for which color to stain the nightstand. I didn’t stain it the color that was picked because I forgot that my rug would be dark. Sorry 😩 I know everyone was so excited about the stain color. I just couldn’t see the dark stain come together with my dark rug. I’m thinking if I ever get a lighter color rug I’ll make sure and stain it and I’ll add updated photos. Ok 😁👍?

The combo of these pillow though. I love a good set of throw pillows 😀 😀 .

If you’ve watched the video to the end you probably know where we screwed up with this DIY lol👀.  We had to add little squares to the edges since I wanted the front door to fold open instead of slide open. Totally didn’t think that through. It doesn’t look bad without the squares but, if you have a perfection streak like my hubby you’ll probably get creative and end up adding squares or make a drawer that slides of instead.  If you do make a slide out drawer keep in mind the plans (above) won’t work you’ll need to do your top and bottom pieces same size instead of the different sizes that are indicated on the plans.

Okay than that’s it for this DIY. I hope you enjoyed it.

Have a great weekend everyone.