Hi everyone, it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything fresh on the blog. First off I hope you are all doing great. I really missed you guys and miss doing DIY’s!  Can’t wait to start sharing again. I have so many DIY plans and  home remedies I want to share.

Today I’m sharing a highly requested hair serum I made. If you’re following me on instagram you’re probably familiar with my crazy hair loss journey after giving birth 5 months ago.  Around month 3 after birth I started loosing hair. LIKE a ton of hair! It would just fall out in chunks throughout the day. My shower wall would be so full of hair there would be no room left. I don’t like to let my hair run down the drain because it clogs it. I usually put it on the shower wall as I’m washing it and then toss it after.

around month 4 after birth. Hair line was visibly receding.

At this point I was trying everything vitamins, shampoos, oils and hair masks. Anything I could think of that would help and nothing was helping. It just seemed to get worse. I also realized using oils and hair masks consistently just wasn’t convenient for me. I needed something I could apply on my hair throughout the day that wouldn’t get it greasy.

These are photos after my shower that I collected from the wall. My hair loss at my worst!


I did some research and found that rosemary has great hair health benefits.  I thought about purchasing rosemary oil but again realized I wouldn’t be consistent because it’s an oil and I don’t feel like walking around with a greasy head of hair all the time.

I prayed and slept on this idea for about a week. Then had an idea of trying rosemary extract instead of rosemary oil.

That’s how this DIY hair serum recipe was Born!


The information provided should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, and those seeking personal medical advice should consult with a licensed physician. Simply sharing what worked for me. ( if you are taking any medication make sure these herbs will not interfere with it before using the serum – ask your doctor)

— read more about research and safety below


To be safe please do a test patch first ( I usually do mine on my inner arm) . Give it 24 hours before continuing.

This serum does give you a bit of a cooling effect on the scalp to help blood circulation. If cooling feels to harsh please make it less potent by lessening the amount of peppermint and tea tree oil. If your scalp feels itchy please stop use. This could be an allergic reaction or it’s too strong for you. Please be cautious.

I use this serum between 1-4 times a day. I would start with 1 times a day and work up. I usually do two droppers full. Drip it on my whole scalp and gently massage it in with my fingertips.

If you are allergic to any of these ingredients please don’t use it. If your scalp is sensitive and burns or is red from the serum please stop use and contact your doctor.






Keep in mind if you use different brands of oils and extracts they are most likely stronger or weaker so you will need to adjust accordingly. 

If you’re using expensive oils I would use less as I’m sure they’re much stronger.


Below are photos of screenshots I took while doing some research. This was actually done after I realized how much the serum was helping me. Crazy how it all fell into place. Each ingredient serves a different purpose!

If you are unsure of these ingredients please do more in depth research as I’m sure there’s still so much info to be found. Simply sharing what worked for me.


 Ok so here’s a fun fact! Originally when I made this serum the first time I accidentally used saw palmetto instead of rosemary. I wasn’t even planning on using saw palmetto. The bottles look so similar I didn’t realized I used the wrong one until i’ve been using the serum for two days.  My hair fall out significantly stopped within two days. It wasn’t until I googled a bit more about saw palmetto and saw that it benefits hair loss. 

Look at these screen shots below! So at first I read it only helps with prostate health which would be of no benefit to me but then…, I came across an article that talks about how saw palmetto prevents testosterone from being converted into DHT which is the hormone that is linked to hair loss! MIND BLOWING RIGHT! What are the chances I used this stuff by total accident! I was praying for a miracle and I can truly say my prayers got answered! WOOHOO! PRAISE THE LORD!

CONS maybe?

ALL THIS SAID! Saw palmetto has many health benefits. It can help as a libido booster and it may also lower estrogen levels. I can say from experience I used to take saw palmetto orally years ago and I didn’t notice anything crazy. I would only take it for about 5 days at a time and small amounts. It’s  important to remember though that everyone is different and everyone’s hormones are different. It’s better to be safe then sorry. Ask your doctor if you’re concerned.


I’ve known that rosemary helps with hair loss since I was a little girl. My grandpa used to grow some while we were kids and he’d always talk about it’s benefits for skin and hair.


Look at that crazy fact! Peppermint increases the number of follicles and follicle depth giving you thicker and stronger hair!


To say I planned all these ingredients would be a lie. Honestly I didn’t. I was simply using what I had at home which is why my oils aren’t the best quality. I definitely knew I would be using rosemary extract which is the only thing I purchased. The rest I had at home.


I’ve since been using the updated version of the recipe with rosemary.


In all honesty I didn’t realize the serum was helping this much until I compared my photos. After using the saw palmetto serum for two days I realized my hair stopped falling out in chunks as I would walk around the house. Now after two weeks of using the serum I still have hair fall out but I can count how much hair falls out.  Every time I brush through my hair I only get up to 5 hairs that come out. I can’t wait to see how my hair grows with this serum!

BEST OF ALL! It’s not greasy on my scalp. Even though there are some oils used I haven’t noticed it make my scalp greasy.

Let’s catch up on the last six months!

Six months flew by in a zippy. If you missed it we had baby Matthew in September of 2022. The cutest bundle of joy and blessing!  I had a very rough delivery and recovery. After labor I hemorrhaged and coded blue. I lost 60% of my blood within minutes. I also ended up with a spinal headache that was so severe I needed two spinal blood patches. I couldn’t pick up baby Matthew for the first 14 days because I couldn’t sit up. It’s been so scary but we’ve seen Gods hand through all this! So many miracles! I thank GOD for the doctors that night and blood donors! They saved my life! If you missed our birth story I share it on instagram  part 1 here and part two here

Here’s a few snippets of Matthew šŸ™‚ our bundle of joy!

Sleepless nights!

Matthew is growing faster then a weed but still not sleeping nights. He’s been getting really gassy during nighttime which causes him to wake up throughout the night. On average he gets up around 10 times a night right now. He was worse so I’m glad it’s a bit better. I feel like we’ve tried every home remedy and medicine. We even had acid reflux medicine prescribed thinking maybe he had silent reflux and still nothing. I’m thinking he probably just needs to grow out of it. I’m getting used to regular tummy massages and bicycle exercises through out the night just so he keeps sleeping.

Flu and RSV season!

Oleg also got a terrible flu before christmas. I was so scared Matthew would get sick but he didn’t. So thankful for that. Then Oleg had his tonsils removed and recovered so good.


Not long after that Matthew got really sick. At three months old he got RSV. We went to the doctors because he was wheezing really bad but the doctor said they wouldn’t admit babies unless their oxygen levels dropped below 90 and were there consistently. Matthews oxygen levels were jumping between 89% and 93% for about two days. I asked our doc before trying a home remedy we used to do all the time growing up and he said it wouldn’t hurt to try. Believe it or not his wheezing stopped almost immediately! I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Anyways, that’s all for today! I hope to be on here more. Hopefully Matthew starts sleeping better so that can actually happen šŸ˜€ !

See you next time