Oh my gosh have you ever heard of marbled eggs? I’ve seen them around but mostly in super vibrant and bold colors. After experimenting a little with alcohol inks today I got these beautiful eggs that look somewhat like marble and a lot like agate.

So let’s make some DIY marble eggs!

I will be sharing as much information as I can including all the hiccups I came across.There are a few rules that need to be followed in order for these eggs to be a success.

Time Needed:

It took me about 10 minutes to complete each egg. Some eggs were faster. It really depends on how much pattern you want and if you want a lot of color.



So one of the biggest problems I ran into with this DIY is the stains markers leave behind. That said alcohol ink in liquid form works best. However buying the correct eggs is also important. Even though I didn’t mind the marker leaving behind some character the egg itself needs to be free of any paints.

marble eggs

Here’s an example of the marker leaving stains behind. I used a q-tip to rub it around a bit. I find that once enough color is added it gives the eggs character. All in all I found markers  are harder to work with compared to the liquid inks for this project.

Prepping the eggs surface!

Ok so any plastic egg will work as long as they’re not painted because the alcohol will eat away at the paint.  If you can’t find any that aren’t painted you can in most cases remove it with alcohol.

This was the problem with my eggs. The alcohol ate my layer of white paint. Once that  was gone I was left with a plastic shiny surface. That’s what you need.

To see if your egg has any paint spray it with some rubbing alcohol and let it set for 20 seconds before wiping it down. If paint comes off then that means they’ve been painted over the plastic surface.

Can I use REAL EGGS??

If you plan on using real eggs I highly recommend using the liquid alcohol inks instead of the markers because they have a somewhat of a matte finish and a marker will show scribble marks a lot more.  In other words the color seeps right into the porous surface instead of floating on top to create pretty marbling.

Here’s a set of liquid inks in different colors. Not the same brand I used but I love there variety in colors.


Even though my eggs were white they had white matte paint on them. I sprayed some rubbing alcohol , let it sit for 15 seconds and rubbed away any paint with a paper towel. Now they were ready for some colored ink.


I wouldn’t use more then 3 colors per egg.  I used a combo of , W5 warm gray ( by copic ) or warm gray by masters touch, R11 Pale Cherry Pink (by copic) , 83 Lavender ( by masterstouch ) .  These three colors were more then enough to give contrast. (sorry not all these colors are sold on amazon linking as much as I can find )

Step 1 : Applying COLOR!


Make sure your egg surface if prepped and free of any paint. Grab a marker and start by scribbling a line going down. They don’t have to be scribbles in fact you can try make draw it out to look like marble since markers somewhat stain the surface sometimes. Just keep in mind most of the color will come off anyway so this doesn’t have to be perfect. This project is all about experimenting. 

diy marble easter eggs

Next I added a few lines of my pale pink color.

diy marble easter eggs

Step 2: Blend with rubbing alcohol !

Now the best part.  I had some rubbing alcohol in my spray bottle and sprayed the whole egg. Make sure the whole egg is wet otherwise this won’t work to create that pretty marble.

diy marble eggs

Then use a heat gun or blow dryer and blow the color around as you turn the egg in your hand until it’s completely dry. AND BA BAM You should have a beautiful effect.

I didn’t add nearly enough color on this egg.


Sometimes you might need to repeat the first 2 steps even though you’re already finished the first layer. You’ll kind of get the hang of spraying just enough rubbing alcohol so it doesn’t wash off most of the color.  It took me a few tries.

me applying a second coat

It’s also good to remember it takes more time to build up color with markers. I have gotten amazing results with the liquid inks from just the first try because they deposit more color at a time.

first attempt with liquid alcohol inks. Didn’t dry yet.

Step 3: Let’s add some golden touches!

This step is totally optional. Honestly I love a little bit of gold detailing. I simply used a fine tip brush and dipped it into gold testors paint to outline some of the marbling. It’s ok not to follow the lines exactly but I learned thin lines along the marbling looks the best.


Here’s how that egg turned out. I love how elegant the marbling looks on this one. I really tried to go easy on the gold detailing with this one. Isn’t she gorgeous?


The best part about these DIY marble easter eggs is no two eggs will ever turn out the same. That’s why this is such a fun craft for kids and adults.


Let’s start of with an egg that already has steps 1 and 2 done.

You’ll notice some color will drip off onto your table be sure to have a plastic lining on it so you can use some of that color.

Simply dip a fine tip brush into some of that leftover alcohol ink and draw lines on the egg. If the ink on your plastic has dried out you can re wet it by adding some rubbing alcohol.

Don’t use a fan to dry this. Because you’re using such a small amount of alcohol it will dry fairly fast.

Every time you add a line the ink will separate from each create a beautiful marbling effect. Isn’t that amazing! You can also do this by applying a line of rubbing alcohol. That’s it! Isn’t that fun??

I can’t get enough of this marbling. I was a bit heavy with the gold on this one. I tell you what a little goes a long way with the gold.

marble easter eggs

You can experiment with different colors! I think these would look gorgeous in a baby glue and warm gray or even yellow and lavender.

diy marble eggs

That’s all for today! I hope this DIY inspired you to make your own geode marble eggs. I’m so glad I did this on plastic eggs so I can reuse them next yet!


sorry in advance I couldn’t find all the supplies to link –  neither the lavender nor the warm gray I used are sold on amazon. 

Please note : I got my eggs at target and couldn’t find the exact brand on amazon. Linked below are the closest I could find to the white plastic eggs I have. 


Thank you so much for your continued support. Love you guys!

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