A Much Needed Dresser Update

HELLO beautiful people!! Happy Sunday!

Today’s topic is my green dresser!

I was so scared and excited to give this dresser a makeover! Scared??! Because I never cut the bottom of a dresser off before… I questioned this idea for a while and finally decided if I really want the look I’m going for the curvy details had to go! I purchased this dresser about 4 years ago for $25 at a garage sale! It’s solid wood and probably the best deal I ever got on any piece of furniture.  The lady that was selling it said it was her grandma’s old dresser and I was totally shocked when she said yes to my offer.  They always say ” it never hurts to ask!” I’m so glad I did.

Originally when I got it it was stained wood and pretty beat up. I didn’t feel like stripping it and re-staining it because I wasn’t into wood back then so I decided to paint it off white and antique it (photo below)  I was ssso in LOVE with it at first and honestly it totally matched my house because, I was obsessed with shabby chic.  Since I started this blog I’ve slowly found that I love a cleaner modern look.  Now I look back at this dresser and wonder what was I thinking when I painted it??! 🙈😬 It’s not the worst but, the dirty look isn’t something I’m drawn to anymore.

Dresser Makover

As you can see the paint has wore off quite a bit and I feel like overtime the antique glaze worsened and turned blotchy. LOL😂 or maybe my eyes finally opened to what it really looked like the whole time 😂🙈! Do you ever feel like you put so much time into a project and you LOVE IT just because you put so much work into it! Then overtime you forget how much time was put into it and you get over the look! 😬😬 This dresser would probably fall into that category.


Before we jump into this dresser update I want to mention this isn’t going to be a step by step tutorial like I usually do.  The reason for that is because there’s all kinds of different dressers out there and some of the things we did to this dresser might not need to be done to your dresser. I do hope this inspires you to update some of your old furniture instead of donating it! With that said, I won’t totally disappoint with no DIY I will be showing you how to make your own chalk paint in under 3 minutes. Using almost any interior paint. AWESOME!! RIGHT! It’s easy I promise!


I’m not going to lie this dresser wasn’t any easy project.  I ended up with a total of 4 coats of paint + some matte finishes that were a total flop. I will be sharing what products to avoid and why! So stay tuned for that!

Prepping the dresser for paint!

To begin I removed the handles and covered the holes with plaster.  Since we planned on making new handles for a more modern look I knew the previous holes from the old hardware wouldn’t line up.  If you’re wondering why I used plaster and not wood putty it’s because I’ve had some pretty bad experience with it.  I swear that wood putty stuff never really sets. I have some on a spatula from three weeks ago and it still comes off super easy with my finger nails.  If you’re wondering how durable plaster is? Just to give you an example.., if you leave it on a metal spoon and it sets (takes about an hour) you will not be able to remove it at all unless you sand it down.  It’s super duper strong and sticks to anything. Thus said I would avoid washing any of this plaster powder or mixed plaster down your sink drain or any drain in your house. That’s why I always use disposable containers or wipe everything down with a paper towel before it sets.

To make your plaster paste you’ll need about 1/4 cup of COLD water.  Then keep adding your plaster powder until it’s pretty thick and stir until it’s smooth.  Once you have a thick paste cover your holes and let it set.  Plaster sets pretty quick. You’ll have about a 7 minute work time and then it’ll start setting pretty quick. After about two hours you should be able to sand it down.

Here’s the wood putty I haven’t had a great experience with. It doesn’t seem to set at all!

Here’s how thick your plaster paste should be to cover holes.



Because I wanted to add legs to this dresser we needed to cut the bottom curvy wood off.  One of the biggest things I struggled with when it came to this dresser is keeping it clean under. Because it wasn’t flush with the ground spiders got under it and made spider nests all the time. It was also almost impossible to keep up with the dust because, I wasn’t able get under it to sweep and would have to move it all the time which was kind of pointless because, I would drag all the dirt with it anyways!  To prep it for cutting I measured the highest curve point which was about 3 inches from the floor and marked the same distance from the floor all around the dresser.

Then we took it outside and Tony cut it all off with the circular saw.  I was totally cringing at this point! This was our first time trying this!

Hiding wood grooves!

I also decided to fill in the wood groove at the bottom since I wanted the top and bottom of the dresser to match. ( photo below is showing the dress upside down) The top of the dresser originally didn’t have a groove!  Plastering it sounds iffy?!! But, that’s how much I trust this plaster stuff.  I’ll let you know how it holds up.

Here’s a close up on the groove right before I plastered it. I also sanded the whole dresser down a bit before painting it.


Here’s my new favorite paint brush.  I used to be a huge fan of the purdy brush.  This trylon brush wins it over because it applies the paint on just as smooth but, it’s way easier to clean. Somehow only about the first 1 1/2″ of the top of this brush gets paint on it when painting with it. The purdy brush would always let the paint seep into it way deep which make it hard to clean.  (I bought mine trylon brush at homedepot)

DIY Chalk Paint in 3 minutes!

If you’re thinking chalk paint is hard to make than your in for a surprise. I’ve been making chalk paint like this for years. It only takes about three minutes and can be done with most interior paint. I avoid paints that have primer in them already. Even though they will work just as great as any other paint their shelf life is shorter. So they’ll be good for about 4 months after you turn it into chalk paint. Which is till not bad at all!

What you’ll need:

  • plaster of paris
  • disposable mixing container plus stick
  • 8 oz paint ( I used PPG Nightwatch)
  • 2 table spoons of COLD water

To make your chalk paint you’ll need 2 tablespoons of cold water in a disposable cup. Add your plaster of paris and stir until it’s smooth.  It should be similar to pancake batter ( not too thick). Once you have a smooth mixture add 2 tablespoons of this mixture to 8 oz of paint and stir until combined! That’s it! Pretty easy right?!


Make sure you wipe down everything right away if you plan on reusing it.  Once it dries you will not be able to remove it!


I decided to give this Diamond PPG paint a try this time. Until this point Olympic sold at lowe’s used to be my favorite. Unfortunately they don’t sell at lowes anymore. The reason I decided to try this paint is because, I used the timeless ppg paint (it’s a little more expensive than diamond ppg) and loved it however I can’t say the same about this paint!  The coverage wasn’t great and durability feels iffy.  I’m not going to say it’s absolutely horrendous but, I wouldn’t use it again on furniture maybe on a wall.  The timeless ppg is amazing and has great coverage whoever they don’t sell it in the smaller sizes.  It only comes in 1 gallons.

Here’s what the first coat looks like. Not the best coverage and looks pretty blotchy. It took me at total of three coats to get an even finish.


So I was really wanting a nice matte finish for this dresser. Since this color green is pretty bold I feel like adding shine to it would be over doing it.  I actually bought two matte finishes to try. One from lowes and one from home depot.

  • The varathane from homedepot was way to thick which was a pain to apply.  You couldn’t apply it thin and when you did finally apply it it got nasty runs on bigger surface. It took about 5 minutes for the runs to show up and  I totally freaked out ! I had to wipe the whole area off with a wet towel. I also noticed it dried all blotchy on the dresser doors.  A total flop!
  • The minwax was more of a runny consistency and I thought would be the winner however don’t be fooled this is not a matte finish at all. In fact I think it’s shiner than a satin finish. Not the look I was going for.

I ended up repainting my dresser once again after all this.

Here’s a quick look at the varathane matte that’s already dry.  Do you see the blotchy white areas?

Here’s a quick view of the minwax matte finish. LOL if you’re wondering why I painted the whole dresser to find out this matte clear sucks! It’s because, I was hoping the clear coat would turn matte over a few hours and didn’t really have time to do a test trial on a smaller piece.  HUGE mistake I so should of tested it on a small spot.


As of now I have the dresser just with the chalk paint and no matte finish. I do plan on waxing it. It’s something I’ve tried before and love how it looks.  I’ll post an update soon. It’s been a busy week I just haven’t gotten around to doing it I was just super excited to share the complete look with you! 😀


We decided to make handles and legs for the dresser.  The legs we ended up making from an old coffee table that my mother-in-law gave us a while back and the handles were made from a solid bar I got at home depot.  ( You can watch the full process on the video.., sorry I didn’t take much photos) This project was quite a handful.   ( coffee table before we removed the legs – photo below)

Here’s the full set of legs and handles complete. ( photo below)

I used this satin bronze spray paint to  get a nice modern look on them. I love rustoleum products!

Here’s a quick video of our dresser makeover process!

Here’s the dresser complete! I’m hoping I don’t get sick of this color. LOL😂 I know I usually get sick of colorful things quick but, I noticed I love green at least 90% of the year.  What do you think of the color?

I’m so in love with this hardware! The ones I was looking at were $35 each. I’m so glad were figured out a way to get them done for cheaper. These only cost us about $5 each. Isn’t that a great deal?

I also made these cute wall baskets for super cheap. I’ll be sharing how I made those soon.

That’s it for today! I hope this was inspiring! Thank you for stopping by! I’ll see you next time!