Dramatic Food photography

I love photography with great contrast. What better way to describe it then to call it dramatic photography.  I’ve seen so many different styles of photography out there and having some close food blogger friends I know what it’s like when it comes to photography props. They aren’t very budget friendly and the downside to buying ready to use props is it kinda puts boundaries on  your own artistic imagination.  You use what you get and most likely wouldn’t alter a purchased prop to your taste because you just spend a whopping $60 on a piece of board that you wouldn’t want to ruin if something was to go wrong.  So my creative food and product photographers… Do I have a treat for you..!! 😀 😀

Cost and Time

This background prop cost me under $5 total and took under 20 minutes to make. Who can say no to that?!! Here’s a bonus believe it or not their is  No previous artistic experience needed just your mind set and 20 minutes of your time. . You won’t even be using a paintbrush. 😀

What you’ll need

4 mixing cups (I used paper cups)

Acrylic paint ( orange , blue, white, black.. Any acrylic paint will work.. )

Some water

2-3 pieces of recycled squares from a kitchen towel

1 Black foam board (from the dollar store)


First mix all your colors. I chose to go with dark gray, copper-grayish, deep blue, and you will also need a lighter gray to add more depth because the darker gray will blend in to much with the black poster board.  Once all your colors are mixed take a spoon of water and add to each color.  Just enough to make the paint runny.  (my paints came in a thicker consistency.. so depending on your paints you might not need to do this step) Dip your towel squares into the paint and start by dabbing the colors onto the edges of the poster board working your way around. You should be cleaning off  as much paint as possible onto the poster board each time before dipping it in paint again. Kinda like using your makeup sponge 😀 😀 . Once your done with all your edges you can add a bit to the center if you want. Check out the video below to see how I made mine.. 😀 😀


Here’s a picture with no editing to show you what it looks like in reality. 😀

DIY food photography background

Yep edges curled and all. lol… BIG TIP.. The less paint the less curled edges.  OH funny thing while doing my photo shoot I taped off the edges flat but, eventually the tape came off and I actually kinda of like the curled edges more because it gives the pictures even more depth.. 😀

DIY food photography background

Okay what do you think? Would you make one of these? Maybe with different colors? What colors would you pick?

Bringing your imagination to life..

Yep probably my favorite pic outta the bunch. 😀 Almost looks like painting not a photo.

DIY food photography background


DIY food photography background

DIY food photography background

Here’s what goes on behind the scenes. 😀 Oh and yes that is a black chalk wall.. 😀

DIY food photography background

It’s such a fun background to have as a prop.. Super versatile and makes your products come to life and really stand out.

DIY food photography background

DIY food photography background

DIY food photography background

DIY food photography background

And that’s a wrap.. This DIY food photography background sure was fun to make..Hope you liked it. 😀

Don’t forget to tag me on instagram @lilyardor when you makes yours.. Would love to see what colors you picked. 😀

PS. By the way that lemonade I used as a prop is the best strawberry lemonade in the world. no kidding 😀  Recipe coming soon.

Here’s an awesome pinnable 😀

food photography background