“This post is sponsored by sugru. All opinions are my own. ”

A few weeks ago I got a special package in the mail. If you’re not familiar with sugru moldable glue that can be formed into any shaped an once it sets usually about 24 hours. It’s permanent. I love this glue because you don’t just use it fix and repair things you can also use it to create things with it.  I teamed up with sugru for this DIY and we’re hoping to show you a few ways to make candle holders using it.  These candle holder ideas are great for decorating during the holidays or to freshen up your house throughout the year.

Time Needed:

About 20 minutes

Total Cost:

About $13 per candle holder or less.

Supplies Needed:

  • 3 packets of sugru
  • wood slice
  • candle
  • saran wrap


  • gold leaf
  • gilding adhesive
  • spray paint

Step 1:  Roll out the Sugru Modable Glue!

Because sugru tends to stick to surfaces really well you’ll need some saran wrap to line your surface before working with it. Combine three packets of sugru and roll it out.

I just used a spray paint can and wrapped it in saran wrap to roll out my sugru.

Step 2:  Cut out your pattern!

Okay next I cut out the pattern. I used some paper to measure out how big I wanted the candle holder.

I lay my paper pattern over the rolled out sugru and cut out the shape with a knife leaving 3 tales at the bottom.

Here’s what it should look like.

Step 3:  Attaching your sugru to the base!

Okay next I folded my tales up gently.

and connected both ends to create a candle base than I lay it onto my wood slice. Here’s what it should look like.

I than took a few small pieces of sugru and dropped them into the center of the candle holder.

I wrapped a candle in some saran wrap and and inserted it into the candle holder base. By doing this It squishes everything flat at the bottom and attaches the candle holder base to the wood.  I found it kind of hard to pull the candle out together with the saran wrap so I slipped the candle out first then gently removed the saran wrap.  That’s it!

Coloring your candle holders!

I tried a few different ways to color my candle holder and found that gold leafing is definitely one of my favorites.  I also tried using some stone spray paint on them and that worked great as well.  You can also use different objects to create texture.  I used the back of a paint brush to create a hammered look then applied gold leaf to get a gold hammered look.  I let the glue set for 24 hours before applying the gold leaf.

Sugru is sold in so many different colors. You can easily mix multiple colors to create your custom color. You can also try painting it but, I should mention I didn’t have much luck with painting them. Sugru tends to react to paint as if it’s silicone.

Here’s how the gold leaf looks like once you apply it over the texture.

A quick video sharing more DIYS I made using sugru.


I love how elegant they look. These could work great as a table centerpiece or on your fireplace mantle for Christmastime.

I also used the same technique using sugru to turn a little dish into a candle holder. I than spray painted it with some stone spray paint and here’s how it looks ( photo below).  I’m in LOVE with this stone spray paint.  It’s gives off such a pretty rustic look. Can’t wait to try it on some recycled vases and pots! This candle holder would be perfect on your nightstand.  

They also look super cute if you leave it simply white without the gold leaf. I stacked the wood disks to get different heights on the candle holders too. There’s so many possibilities and I had so much fun with this DIY. I hope this inspires you to make your own. Thanks for tuning in!! I’ll see you next time.