DIY Bookpage Wallpaper

DIY Bookpage Wallpaper

Wall Decor Hunt..!!

My wallpaper hunt began since the day we moved into our new home.  The fact that the home was constructed by nonprofessional’s made it that much harder to work with when it came to interior decor.  My living room, as I’ve mentioned before looks like a long hallway making it super hard to decorate on a budget.  If I had the money I would of split it in half years ago. 🙁 It took me many years to make it look somewhat decent inside and it’s still a work in progress. To give you a better Idea of what I mean when I say “hallway” here’s a snippet. (below) The wall to the right was in major need of a revamp. I figured if I could make that wall look busy it would draw the attention away from the length of the room.

Here’s a snippet of the wall on the right.  LONG big empty white wall.  I love white.. Just not that much. 😀

Golden Book..

So… my journey for budget friendly and TRENDY wallpaper begin.  I went from floral to , geometrical,  to gold leaf..damask..etc. and nothing really stuck to me. Everything seemed to get in the way of the other decor.. I didn’t want the living room overdone I just wanted to even it out. So one day while on Pinterest  (“the queen of inpso” ) I stumbled upon bookpage wallpaper and I thought “How awesome is that?!!” The only problem I had with it was the fact that everything I found on pinterest seemed as if it was made up of multiple books because of the difference in color shades of the pages on the wall.  I did not like this and decided to find a book big enough to cover the whole wall with one book.

Now let’s not forget thrifting is a great hobby of mine and it just so happen that in the next couple of days I came across the perfect book that would be the answer to all my problems.  YEP, “A 1967 College edition dictionary” was the answer.  It had the perfect amount of images and I loved the fact that it was a dictionary. I figured it was a 2-1 whammy.. I’d be a genius pretty soon from all the words I’d learn every time I walked past it. hehe. (Never happened . I got so used to it I forget it’s there.)


Oh my Gosh here’s the highlight of it all. You know what’s the best part? When I said budget I really meant BUDGET FRIENDLY.. This WHOLE wall cost me $6.. Yep six whole dollars. How awesome is that?!!!  I got my dictionary for $1..and my Adhesive was a total of $5.  😀 😀 😀 Oh and for those of you renters here’s an awesome TIP: This could be used as removable wallpaper. YEP removable. I’ve done this before with liquid starch instead of adhesive and it slid right off with a good damp rag..

(keep in mind make sure the walls are glossy, because the paint from the letters could possibly seep into paint that is satin or eggshell based….But you could do a patch test in a less visible spot to see if it’ll work)  😀

Okay let’s begin..

What you’ll need

  • Dictionary
  • Wallpaper Adhesive
  • Brush
  • (empty wall 😀 )


Diy wallpaper

Don’t overthink this process. This is a super easy and messy process. I ripped the pages out of the dictionary and zoomed away gluing.  This huge wall took me only 4 hours to complete which is probably no different then repainting it. 😀

DIY wallpaper

I started off by doing vertical rows with the pages off set to one another. (brick pattern).

Diy wallpaper

Then Once all my rows were complete. I slapped on some on top to break up the visible pattern. This step will all depend on you and how even or messy you want your wallpaper. I went for the MESSY. 😀

Diy wallpaper

This is what it looked like once I was all done and set up my wall decor.  It’s different now.. I’m not crazy about shabby chic anymore so my living room looks a bit more modern nowadays. Cool thing is this wallpaper looks good no matter what style you throw into the mix.  $6 and timeless style?? Can’t beat that!! 😀

diy wallpaper

Here’s a more modernized version of the wallpaper to give you a better idea of how versatile it is. 😀

diy wallpaper

Absolutely in love with the vintage camera prints.  (I got these free printables here)

diy wallpaper

I don’t think my love for Vintage Collectables will ever fade. 😀

diy wallpaper

Here’s a close up of the wallpaper. How cool are those awesome vintage illustrations.

diy wallpaper

I   love the frayed edges.  diy wallpaper


OOOH look I found the A. 😀

diy wallpaper

Here’s another great example of those vintage genuine illustrations.

diy wallpaper


diy wallpaper

And one last snippet .. 😀

diy wallpaper

Thanks for joining me.. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram if you make your own golden book wallpaper. 😀

And before I go my lovely craftoholics here’s an awesome pinnable to pin to your favorite board 😀



diy wallper


18 thoughts on “DIY Bookpage Wallpaper”

  • Two questions… 1- Did you apply the paste to the walls or the pages first? 2- It looks like the back side of the pages aren’t visible through the paper, is that right? Thanks! Your wall looks great and I can’t wait to do this myself!!

    • I applied the paste on the wall first. I worked in about 2 by 2 feet squares. Just enough to get the wall wet works fine which also gives the edges a nice frayed look. Yes you are correct the back side is not visible (ink from the other side) I would stay away from applying glue on top though because that can cause it seep through. Awe Thanks I’m delighted to hear you liked my wall. Oh how exciting.. 😀 I can’t wait to see your wall. Please hashtag #lilyardor on Instagram I would love to see your awesome wall. 😀 😀 😀

      • I actually do have one more question. The wall I’m going to do is inside a nook under the staircase. I’m making it a reading nook. It’s in what used to be my oldest daughter’s room and it was her canvas for art. The walls are flat paint, with drawings all over them in crayon as well as colored pencil. I really wanted to preserve that, which is why I wanted to do a removable wallpaper paste instead of something permanent. However, with the walls being flat, will that work? Will it come off as easily? My other option is to photograph all the artwork and make her a photo album and then paint with semigloss before papering. Any advice is appreciated 🙂 Thanks!!

        • Oh interesting. This is what I would do. I would for sure photograph everything just in case.. then I would use semi-gloss clear coat and instead of using wallpaper glue use “liquid starch”.. Sold at walmart in gallons. This will make the wallpaper easily removable with a wet rag once needed. Keep in mind the ink from the papers might transfer a little but then again it might night since you will have the clear gloss on the wall (you could do a patch test..leave overnight to dry then remove). I think that would be the best way to preserve it. Hope this helps 😀

  • I just started my wall and I’m having the hardest time getting wrinkles from forming. I’ve tried everything! I tried putting the pages on while the glue was really wet, and just tacky. I’ve smoothed from the center out and pressed really well, and I’ve just thrown them up there willy nilly. Any tips? I only applied about 10 pages and decided to stop until I find out what to do. It may look ok once it’s dried, so I’m waiting to see. Any advice would be appreciated!!

    • Hi there 😀 . I remember freaking out when I was doing my wall and tried to perfect it to.. but, I wouldn’t worry if I were you the wrinkles go with the frayed edges and aren’t noticeable once the whole wall is done. If you look closer at my wallpaper photos you’ll notice it’s full of wrinkles. 😀 Hope this helps.

      • I actually had a glass of wine and went back to it with a fresh attitude and made it work. I applied the paste to the back of the pages instead of the wall then smoothed it out. I had a couple of wrinkles, but nowhere near as many as when I first started. I managed to cover one wall in my cupboard under the stairs with all of Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone. I have one happy son right now! Thank you for all of your help!

        • AWE That’s awesome. 😀 I’m so glad to hear it worked out well. I haven’t tried it that way but I will keep it in mind if I’ll be bookpageing another wall. Oh My Gosh I could imagine. 😀 😀 My son would be over the moon happy!! 😀

  • How do you keep your wall clean? I wash my painted walls once a year and they have so much dust, it makes me wonder how the frayed edges don’t need a dusting?

    • I know what you mean. I can’t seam to keep up with my white walls. Little finger prints seem to reappear in no time . hehe 😀 I am actually surprised with how easy it is to keep this wall clean. My little guy doesn’t seam to touch them and to my surprise there are no visible palm prints anywhere. 😀 The writing probably makes up for that but I occasionally go over the wall with a damp rag to keep the dust off. Nothing major. 😀

  • Love the wall idea. My husband works at a bookstore and both of us love to read. I am constantly looking for projects where I can use old books or part of books. Never thought of an accent wall. Can’t wait to suggest it to my sweetie & start planning.

    • Thank you Rayleen. I’m delighted to hear you loved it. Oh my Gosh that’s awesome…!!! always wondered what it would be like to work at a book store. 😀 I always tell my guests I learn a word a day.. hehe. lol 😀 I didn’t hold on to that habit for long because I got so used to it being there, but this would be an awesome way to learn new words. 😀 I can’t wait to see your project. Just curious you must own a library or a nook somewhere in your house? This wood be a great accent wall for a library. I would probably slap on a few vintage open books to just to give it a more unique touch if I owned a library 😀 😀 😀 .

  • great work…starting to-morrow
    My question is after finishing 1) glue
    2) paper

    ..or do you just leave the covered wall to dry on its own ?
    Thanks Talented Lady

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