Bring the Nature Indoors

This post is going to be a little different then what i usually do. I know you guys are used to seeing only DIY’s but, I wanted to share some inspiration so you guys get to know me a little more. 😀 😀 Also a few things to look forward to on some upcoming DIY’s.

I’m sure we all have a dream home, dream kitchen, or a dream of some sort!! 😀  In this post I will be talking about my dream dinning room.  I have been immensely inspired by Scandinavian home decor.  If you haven’t heard of Scandinavian decor.. PINTEREST IT !!! I promise you’ll fall in love.  😀  I’m not a decor specialist or for any matter a professional at understanding different styles. What I can say is I see Scandinavian decor as light and airy with touches of nature and playful textures.  I love bringing the nature indoors with wood, leather and plants.  So…to give you guys a better Idea of what I mean by bringing the nature indoors I made this mood board of my dream dinning room.

Let’s talk Tabletops

I’ve always loved a beautiful white tablescape. Although most white dinnerware usually looks the same this dinnerware has a feature I’ve been crazy over for a long time. I’ve seen a similar dish set online a few years back and fell in love immediately.

WHY?!! Lets take a closer look.. 😀 If you look close at the details on the edges you’ll notice a rough natural look. From a distance it looks like any other dinner set but the details are what make this dinner set for me. It’s the perfect set to bring the nature in.  Add a few branches or wood slices and you’ve got the perfect magazine worthy table top.  😀

mood board mood board

Complete Your tabletop

My biggest struggle would have to be the perfect centerpiece for my table top. Does anyone else struggle with this? For me it’s probably because my dinning room doesn’t have tall ceilings and finding the perfect centerpiece to fit under the lighting seems impossible.

I added these glass vases to my mood board because of how light and airy they make any room look. I love that you could literally use any branch from your backyard and you’ll wow your guests with pure simplicity.


mood board Setting the Mood

These pendant lights are known as geometric pendant lights or Euclidean pendant lights. The first time I saw one of these I was set on buying one. My only problem was they never fit into my budget so we set off to make one with my husband.  We are halfway done with it and I can’t wait to share the DIY with guys! 😀 😀 Be patient with me.. my plan is to have a dinner table made before the pendant light. That’s another thing to look forward to 😀 😀

I feel like lighting has a big impression on any room because it’s usually the first thing your eyes are drawn to.  Or at least in my house that’s the case because of the low ceilings. I’m really looking forward to having mine up soon. I was also thinking to gild it with copper for a pop of color but I can’t make to much decisions. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. 😀 😀

mood board mood board.












Bring the Leather IN

Okay so the mid century modern chairs have been quite the craze. You know?!.. those white plastic chairs with wooden legs. I am absolutely in love with that style and these are the first ones I’ve found covered in leather.

Why these? 

Let’s start off by saying they bring the perfect amount of masculinity into a home while still feeling nice and cozy. This would be the perfect way to bring different textures into your home and add a natural pop of color.  To bad I can’t afford them otherwise I’d have these in a heart beat. 😀 😀

Live Edge

Okay.. there is no better way to bring nature in then to have a live edge dinning room table.  I have been on the lookout for the perfect maple slab for a DIY dinning table.  Why maple?  Because, It has the perfect natural wood shade. Not to yellow or red. It’s the perfect rose wood color.  At least to me it’s perfect.. 😀 😀 What’s your favorite shade of wood?


  Mood board

Vintage Vibes

I love having a good vintage piece in my home. They always have a great story behind them.. It’s also a plus if you know the story. lol  😀 I feel like the history behind it makes it more then just a piece of furniture.  So… if you have an old buffet that your grandmother gave you!! Embrace it !! Because their are cases like me where my dad came from a family of 16 kids and 60 plus grand kids later you don’t have much passed onto you.

The Wrong Art

Art is a biggy for me. You can make a room look marvelous with all your main furniture pieces only to ruin it with an average piece of art.  That’s why I love creating art unique to my home because it brings the whole place together. This fluid art abstract (above) was a recent DIY I did.  Purpose of this art piece was to bring modern vibes into my bedroom and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. You can view the full tutorial here.

hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know if you would like more inspiring posts like this one in the comments below.
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