Oh those Metals…

Recently I’ve noticed a big rise in popularity for copper finishes. Mid-Century modern interior has definitely taken it’s course when it comes to my home decor.  If you were to ask me a few years ago I would most likely say..Shabby chic and French farmhouse is all the rage, but there’s something so effortless about Mid-Century modern decor that makes me fall head over heals for it.  I think the older I get the more minimalist I get. lol By the time I’m 70 I’ll probably have one white chair to sit on with a matching cane. ;D  When it comes to decor I like to incorporate natural colors and by natural I mean, gold,copper, green plants, wood grains, white walls.lol…etc.


With the rising popularity of West Elm they sure keep up with all the latest trends. Including “copper flatware”. Oh and they are so lovely, but the price tag ain’t so cute. $39 per person is quite an investment.  So to keep things chic and on a budget I made my own copper flatware and to my surprise they are adorable.  Plus so far they held up pretty darn good even with a good scrub after dinner.  What I love about copper is, even if it’s dull and not super shiny it still looks cool. Now if I was to take gold spray paint and try and make gold flatware…neh probably wouldn’t look to chic. So let’s get to making these chic little baby’s 😀 .

What You’ll Need

Copper Spray Paint  ( I purchase mine on amazon—>> click on the photo below)




10 Minutes 😀


I purchased my copper spray paint on amazon. Since copper has been all the rage lately I always have a few cans of spray paint that I order from Amazon periodically.  I love this rustoleum spray paint. I spray painted some legs to a table and it was pretty darn close to copper even though it was wood. So YES to Rustoleum.  I purchased my silverware at Walmart.  I know I could have used old silverware, but there’s a reason why I went out and bought this specific silverware. If you pay attention to the styles West Elm sells they are pretty simple and minimalist and that’s what I was aiming for. It sure payed off in the end. 😀

Copper Flatware

This was the silverware I purchased. Notice there is no filigree and the edges are nice and sharp. 😀

Copper flatware

You don’t need much for this DIY.

copper Flatware

I taped off where I wouldn’t want the copper.

copper flatware

Then I masked it off with masking paper. If you don’t have masking paper you can always use regular paper. PS. Don’t forget to wipe down any oil residue from your figures before you spray paint.

copper flatware

Yep. This is Miracle in a can. I love this stuff. My Holy Grail for all things Copper.

copper flatware

Yes there is a trick to spray painting with metallics.  It took me a while to get a handle on it but once I got a technique down it always turns out gorgeous. Tips: Let dry between coats, always use thin coats, spray paint in a stroking motion and last but not least shake for at least 5 minutes before spray painting and shake a little while spray painting. (every few strokes) Yep that should do it. 😀

copper flatware copper flatware

Look at those baby’s are they gorgeous? 🙂 I love how they turned out.

copper flatare

copper flatware

copper flatware


Keep in mind. Do not spray paint where your mouth will come in contact that’s why I had them taped off. Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks I will be showing you how to make that copper trimmed dinnerware. (yes safe to eat off of) Here’s a cute pinables to pin to your favorite board. Oh and don’t forget to tag me on instagram…I would love to see your copper creations 😀

Copper flatware