Cotton Sheets Review

So, I’m pretty darn picky when it comes to soft bedding. When I say picky, I’m mean REAL PICKY!  My skin feels everything! Every crumb, every seam on pants, every clothing tag!  Jeans are a big no no unless they’re super duper soft!  Oh gosh shall I say more. Let’s just say.., I would be a great contender for The Princess and the Pea! LOL!🙈

WHY these cotton sheets?

Over the years I’ve tried my fair share of affordable bedding and I’ve finally came across one that’s not only affordable but, also the softest. A few months ago I got to try these Pure Natural Cotton sheets from California Design Den.

They have held up amazingly! The cotton truly feels soft to the touch. No rash or sleepless nights for me and the stitching still looks great.

Let me just say I’ve slept on sheets that I thought were decent before. I would need to run them through the cycle at least 3 times before they felt soft and they’d fall apart in about 4 months. No I’m not talking about the 200 thread count sheets from Walmart.  They were 450 thread count sheets I bought at department stores costing around $90 a set.  They weren’t the cheapest and I’d expect them to last a bit longer and feel soft.

So, to say the least I pick these sheets over any department store sheets because

  1.  They’re way more affordable running at $57.99 and free shipping. (can’t beat that)
  2.   It takes only minutes to order these. I pick any color I need and have it shipped straight to my house without having to make a trip to the store and hunt for the perfect color with the perfect price tag.

You can buy them on amazon.  ( this is an affiliate link* for more info read my disclosure policy

Those two things win me over any day! I’m not a big online shopper however when it comes to housing goods I know it could take up at least half my day to go out and buy one specific thing. So this saves me time and money!


Last week I asked everyone on Instagram what’s your favorite bed sheet thread count.  Most of you answered 600 thread count and above.  So,  I’ve teamed up with California Design Den to gift one of you a 600 thread count bed sheet set. AWESOME! RIGHT!

To enter the giveaway leave me a comment down below telling me something/someone you’re proud of or what are your favorite sheets?  The winner will be announced at the bottom of this post on the 22nd of February as well as via Instagram video. If you’re not following me on Instagram you can follow me here @lilyardor

The WINNER of the giveaway is Avelina4! Congratulations!  ( I will be contacting you via e-mail)

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Oh before I go I almost forgot to tell you about this wonderful candle I came across. A few years back a friend of mine gifted me a candle that smelled amazing! When I wanted to repurchase it I found out it was a $30 candle. LIKE WUW!! Way out of my budget.  Candles are my weakness but, I had to pass on this one.  A few months ago I was at our local Fred Meyers and came across this candle! OH MY GOODNESS! This candle is amazing! It smells fruity and fresh and makes me happy every time I light it. I wish they made wax melts in this scent I’d probably buy out the whole shelf. 

Thanks for tuning in!

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