Lavender Infused Diy Rice bag


Oh my gosh I can’t tell you enough. These rice bags are the bomb. Not just for the cold winter months to use as heat-packs but I’ve also seen them used as ice-packs and aromatherapy.  How awesome is …

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Homemade Tea Bags

The LOVE of TEA!!!

You either LOVE it or you don’t? It’s as simple as that.. I’m the type to drink 3 big jugs a day, but my better half on the other hard won’t even finish half a cup. …

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Diy Patches

HEART Elbow Patches…

The more I surf pinterest the more I realize elbow patches are all the rage. I love that classic look with a rustic vibe. Buttoned up white cotton blouse with a fitted sweater and suede elbow patches. …

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Natural Valentines Makeup

Make getting ready easy..

With valentines just around the corner I’m sure you ladies have looked into a few different outfit or makeup ideas. It takes a long time for us ladies to prep and pretty ourselves up but, it …

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5 Valentines Hair Ideas

Valentines hair JAZZ UP YOUR VALENTINES!!.

Valentines Hair is in the air…Is it just me or do you also have a hard time deciding on a hair style especially when your in a rush.  We all know what rushed hair styling equals!! …

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