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What You'll Need

paint (interior) plaster of paris lacquer brushes

Step 1

From my experience the best paint I’ve used for this is the “Glidden” brand sold at walmart. YEP.  I mixed a batch of chalk paint with this paint and after 4 months it was still as good as the the day I mixed it. Other paints will usually harden. If you can’t get a hold of this brand any paint will work it just won’t stay good in storage for to long. In conclusion stay away from paints that come “2-1 prime and paint”.. these will harden the quickest.

Step 2

I scrubbed the bujeebers out of it. (yes with a toothbrush. haha) Then I sanded it down just to be on the safe side. Now this is totally optional if you use chalk paint, I’m just weird that way.  Some of the knobs were missing so I decided to cover up some of the holes. (on the left) The knobs were a specific size and ordering new ones was out of the question.  I used plaster of paris for this and it turned out pretty well. Can’t even tell there were ever holes there.

Step 3

The colors look weird in these pictures because of the direct sunlight but I was going for an olive mint.  I dunno if you can tell but I started off with an aqua color and switched over to the green because the aqua looked white. This is why I love mixing my own chalk paint.  I can make any color I want.  That’s a Biggy for me because I never use the color the store mixes for me. lol . Maybe it’s just me but I’m always tweaking it here and there. My lighting is so different from department stores I had a gray look completely pink at my house. So yehhh. That’s probably why I’m always tweaking it.

Step 4

One pointer I would give is to prime your desk. Not for the sake of paint sticking better but for the sake of stain seeping through. This was something I came across that definitely thought me a good lesson. This desk was old and had multiple layers of stain, paint..etc When I started painting with chalk paint the stain from the previous layers started seeping through.  Lesson learned.. Use primer on old furniture that have multiple layers of ..etc.

Step 5

I decided to paint the knobs gold and some accent decor to match. Yes that’s a painted rock Oleg threw in for a paint job. Lol  Oh how happy he was to have a real gold rock. 😀

Step 6

This process took way longer then I expected. Had I known the stain would seep through the paint It would have shortened my project’s time in half.  OH I also I sanded the edges down to give it a little antique affect before going over it with my lacquer.

Step 7

After that I decided to line the insides of the cupboards with some fabric I found in my fabric pile. I used regular mod podge. This project probably took me over a week to complete. oh and don’t forget to leave the desk outdoors for drying after you coat it with lacquer those fumes could be harmful.  After a year of constant use it’s a keeper. I still love it and used it everyday 😀

Step 8

I couldn’t be happier. No chips or flaking. Although the clear coat did crack a tiny bit in the area where my husband drinks his hot tea in the evenings. 😀 but other than that a huge thumbs up.

Step 9

I slipped the cover onto the seat and laced up the leather detail with cording.

Here’s how the office chair looks now!! I couldn’t be happier! It so light + airy and the details on the back are so fun!

Tilted Brush Stroke