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What You'll Need

ready mix stucco patch dry dex spackling 1 1/2 inch puddy knife sanding block

Step 1

Before I jumped into adding stucco I first sanded the surface down a bit. If you don’t plan on adding stucco to the whole surface I highly recommend priming the surface.  I learned that as long as you have even a thing layer of stucco on there it sticks on so well.

Step 2

I than used my puddy knife and applied an even layer of stucco just making sure I cover the textured design that was on the pitcher. I would say the thickness of my layer was about 1/4 of an inch or a bit thicker.

Step 3

Then I had to let it cure overnight and sanded it with some rough sand paper. I used a sanding black you can use regular sandpaper as well. My sandpaper was 80 grip. The green marks you see on the vase are from the sandpaper in case you’re wondering.

Step 4

Next I applied the spackling almost as if I was trying to even out the surface after the stucco. This stuff goes on pink and dries white. You’ll no it’s completely dry when there’s no pink at all. I left it to dry for another 24 hours.

Step 5

And sanded that the next morning as well! Not to smooth it out completely just remove any ridges and bumps.

Step 6

Almost done! Now the fun part! This is where it really comes together. Start by applying a coat of gray/beige paint. I just used some left of interior paint. You can also just use a dark grey craft paint. I didn’t do a really thick coat. It’s okay to see some white popping through.

Step 7

Like this.

Step 8

Next I made a light gray color with some leftover paint and dry brushed that on. Dip the paint brush in a tiny bit of paint and rub it around on the vase to create that brushed look. This was the dark gray still pops through.

Step 9

And for the finishing touch use some 80 grip sandpaper again and rough it up. This will remove both paint layers revealing the lighter color under. I love how much character this last step gives it!

Step 10

That’s it! I love the results! I love all that texture coming through.

It looks incredible on our coffee table! I got those fresh sprigs from the yard. Nothing has bloomed yet but they give the space such an elegant effortless look.

I hope you’re inspired! Happy Crafting! Go get some thrifted vases and make your own rustic creations! I hope you enjoyed this easy vase upcycle. 

Tilted Brush Stroke