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What You'll Need

– Pillar Candle – Pressed Flowers (3 minute tutorial here) – Regular candle to match the pillar candle color – Old Brush – You will not need the spoon even though it’s pictured below

Step 1

The idea behind using the spoon method is to heat up the spoon against a flame then apply your flower against your candle and rub the spoon around the flower. The wax from the candle should melt and secure your flower onto the candle.

Step 2

Maybe I wasn’t heating up my spoon enough and it seemed like it took forever😐. Plus when I did wait to heat the spoon an extra 20 seconds the spoon wood turn black from the flame and I would have to keep wiping it. Eventually I would forget to wipe it and have black all over my pillar candle.

Step 3

I ended up using an old brush with medium to soft bristles and dipping my brush in melted candle wax. Then I would simply apply it like glue over the flower and it would adhere to my candle. This method was way quicker!  Yes while working on the candle I would get some built up on my brush. To fix that I would simply melt it a little over the flame or wipe it off and keep working.

Step 4

Then we added a twine bow to it and that ‘s it!

Step 5

By the way if you’re wondering what flowers these were, I got them from a friends house. I believe it’s an almond flowering tree. Correct me if I’m wrong.

And that’s it! What do you think? Yes sadly we had to light the candle up for the photo-shoot, but I’m sure my mom won’t mind😉.

Tilted Brush Stroke