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What You'll Need

– concrete planter – square foam – hot glue – paper plate – a handful of dirt – school glue – green cardstock – tree branch – brown craft paint – paint brush

Step 1

Okay let’s do this. I first found a branch outside in our backyard and removed all the leaves off of it.

Step 2

I found this beautiful faux woven pot at hobby lobby and instantly fell in love. It was a little bit on the smaller side but, since I planned on making the tree smaller so I figured it would work.

Step 3

I applied a decent amount of hot glue to the bottom of the pot and secured the foam to the pot.

Step 4

Than I stuck my tree branch into it.

Step 5

MAKING A FAKE DIRT LAYER I’m in love with this trick. This was random make it work moment. I usually fill even my fake plants with potting soil. This time I was out. The first thought I had was of course make a fake layer which will require way less dirt. I used a paper plant because it was sturdy yet flimsy enough to make it easy to work with. I started off by cutting into the paper plate and cutting out a small circle in the center for the branch. This will let you slide it right into place.

Step 6

Thank I used so me brown craft paint and applied some glue over it. I sprinkled it with dirt and VOILA! It’s that easy.

Step 7

Now you can slide it right into place. I also added a few small pieces of moss and sprinkled a bit more dirt to hide the edges and the cuts in the plate.

Step 8

I cut out the leaves using my cricut explore air 2.   Cricut has a huge image library. If you’re totally new to cricut like I was you should check out this ” Cricut basics for beginners video ”  I answer all the questions I had jumping into creating with cricut.

Step 9

The last step is attaching your faux leaves. I simply used hot glue and attached the leave to all the stems. Make sure you apply enough hot glue. I also recommend letting your branch sit for a few days before attaching leaves as it let’s out all the moisture. My branch was pretty wet still and some of the leaves came off that I re-glued.

That’s it! I’m in love! It’s so cute and elegant. Now that I think about it I wish I would of made a bigger one.

Tilted Brush Stroke