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What You'll Need

– two small metal hinges – 2″ screws – Brad Nailer – Table Saw – Wood Glue – optional : Sander – One  2″x”3 x 8′ length – Pine plywood – Screw driver – Drill – brad nailer

Step 1

Here’s what all my pieces look liked cut out.

Step 2

First we glued the sides to the bottom and added some nails with the brad nailer. Following that we flipped it over and added the back.

Step 3

We used small hinges to attach the front shelf door.

Step 4

We carefully pre-drilled some holes and used a screw driver to secure it. If you’re using a drill be very careful so it doesn’t split the plywood.

Step 5

Following that while it was flipped over we marked 1.75 inches away from the edges and centered our legs and trims.

Step 6

We glued the legs and trim together then attached it to the nightstand with glue as well.

Step 7

We used our braid nailer at an angle to secure the trim to the legs.

Step 8

Like this.

Step 9

Okay than we pre-drilled a hole in the center. Once our first hole was pre-drilled we used a bigger drill bit to countersink the screw because it wasn’t long enough.

Step 10

Flip your night stand over, pre-drill holes and add screws as well to secure the 4 legs.

Step 11

We used this drill bit to counter sink our screws for a smooth finish.

Step 12

Okay following that we glued the top before securing it with a brad nailer.

Step 13

To finish it off we installed this magnet so the door closes and that’s it.

Step 14

There was a few bumps we came across.  We didn’t have a router saw to cut out our little hand on the front door so he used a table saw. It ended up being pretty messy on the back but it worked and looked great on the front side. Here’s what it looked like on the back side. Honestly can’t complain. I couldn’t have done this without my hubby so I’m super with it even if it’s a little rough around the edges. LOL

And here’s how it looks like in my bedroom. I love the natural look of the wood.

Tilted Brush Stroke