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What You'll Need

50 Yards Cording or thinner rope.

Step 1

Since this cording wasn’t very thin I used my fingers to make the rug and didn’t need a crochet hook.

Step 2

To  begin you’ll start with making the center of your rug for this you’ll need to create your first loop. Follow the photos instructions to make one.

Step 3

Following that you’ll need to create a string of loops. It’ll kind of look like a braid. You do this by simply sticking your fingers through each loop and pulling out cording to create new loops.

Step 4

Once you have a strand of loops (total of 7 loops) you’ll need to turn it into somewhat of a circle for the center.

Step 5

Take your tail end and stick in through the second to last loop. (NOT your last loop) (like in the photo below) You should be left with a loop on the edge and your tail end sticking out on the side.

Step 6

Following that stick your fingers into that loop and pull out a new one ( photo below)

Step 7

Here’s what it should look like once you’ve pulled out a new loop. (photo below) This is the last step for your circle. We’ll be using it as a base for the next steps. (building a pattern on top of it)

Step 8

For this step you need to make sure your rope is under your circle. Stick your hand through the center of your circle and pull out a new loop. Pull a loop from the bottom

Step 9

New loop goes through old loop!

Step 10

Photo showing me sticking my new loop through the old loop.

Step 11

wrapping the cording under and around.

Step 12

Creating a new loop to go in the previous one.

Step 13

Inserting my new loop through the old one.

Step 14

If you’ve got the hang of this than the rest of the rest should be super easy because it’s simply repeating the steps.  Keep in mind you should always have a loop on the outer edge of your circle. Keep repeating steps 1-5 (photo caption steps) to go all the way around your braided circle to complete the center of your rug.

Step 15

Pull a loop from the bottom

Step 16

New loop goes through old loop!

Step 17

wrapping the cording under and around than (step 4-5)  creating a new loop to go in the old one.

Step 18

Here’s what it should look like when you keep repeating steps 1-5 going around your braid.

Step 19

Once you’ve completed going all the way around your braided circle here’s what it should look like with one loop sticking out from the edge.

Step 20

Pull out a total of 8 loops through the loop you had on the edge.

Step 21

Use the last loop from your strand of 8 and stick it into the edge. Than make another 8 loops starting at the last loop and keep going around your center connecting braided sections.

Step 22

I did a total of two braided rows with connected sections going around the center of the rug then I moved onto making the flower effect. To create your flower effect it’s the same technique except for you’ll be making a longer braid for each section.  For my flower pedals I did a total of 12 loops each.  Make sure your sections are spread apart as evenly as possible.  If not your pedals will look uneven.

Step 23

Okay so this step is vital! Believe me I’ve tried everything to avoid this.  The reason you need to pull all your cording through is because for the next step you’ll need to start braiding your sections starting at the center of each pedal.  If you started braiding a section at the end of your last pedal you would have an uneven rug or wouldn’t be able to go back to an evenly round shape. This keeps the pattern even and will bring your rug back to a circle shape.

Step 24

Once you pulled through all your cording, take the cording fold it under half your flower pedal and pull out a loop at the center of your pedal. (I know this sounds confusing the photos below show what to do)

Step 25

Here’s what the backside should look like.

Step 26

So these next few steps are pretty easy. All you have to do is create braided sections long enough to be attached at the center of each pedal. My sections were 12 loops long.

Step 27

I did two rows of braids going around my flower.

Step 28

Since I decided to finish off my rug with small scallops to mimic a doily I did braided sections of 9 loops and attached them around the rug.  You can keep making a bigger rug if you’d like. I ran out of cording otherwise I probably would of added at least two more rows.

Step 29

This is totally optional but in my personal opinion it really brings the whole rug together and makes it look like once piece instead of chunky messy braids.  I simply used a needle and thread and sewed spots that needed to stay together.

Happy Crafting! I hope your having an amazing weekend!

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