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What You'll Need

– 5 2×4’s – 1 4×4 – screws – paint – primer – 1 MDF board 1/2″ in thickness – clear finish – gloss – rollers + brushes TOOLS: – miter saw – circular saw – drill – kreg jig

Step 1

We first started out by cutting the 2×4’s at 40 inches in length. We cut a total of 8 pieces like this. Next Toni cut 4 pieces for the legs from the 4″x4″ measuring at 17″ in height.

Step 2

It definitely helps if your miter saw is big enough to cut through a 4×4. Our miter saw wasn’t big enough to cut through a 4×4 with one cut so we had to cut into it half way then flip it over and cut the other side to cut through all the way. You can mark all around the 4×4 to help get a clean cut. Toni just eyeballed it and actually got the cuts pretty close. We recorded a video of the process if this sounds confusing.

Step 3

He then we used a kreg jig to make pocket holes in the 2×4’s on both sides and we were ready to assemble it all together. If you’re confused about using a kreg jig we share more in depth about it on our DIY table video here. I forwarded the time on the video so it should start right at the kreg jig section.

Step 4

We actually used specific screws for furniture making that are sold right next to the kreg jigs at home depot. They have a different head shape then the regular construction grade screws which helps them stay locked in verses keep splitting into the wood. This was our first time using them and we noticed a huge difference. Definitely worth getting the right screws.

Step 5

To attach the MDF board to the frame of the coffee table we lay it over the mdf and traced an outline. Tony than used our circular saw to cut out the square. We made it a tiny bit bigger and sanded down the edge for a flush look. We also used  brad nailer to attach the mdf to the coffee table.

Step 6

DECORATING THE COFFEE TABLE This ended up being a harder task then I thought it would be. I surfed pinterest for a few hours and didn’t end up with anything specific that I liked.  I went to hobby lobby and picked up the basket tray and candle.

That’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed our DIY coffee table and found it helpful! Let me know what you think in the comments! 

Tilted Brush Stroke