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What You'll Need

Fabric   Fabric Mod Podge Matte Mod Podge Bible Verse Print brush dowels stain or paint plastic spreader plastic scissors staple gun


matte mod podge

fabric mod podge

Step 2

Okay to begin start by ironing your fabric if it’s crumpled. Than lay your print onto your fabric making sure there’s plenty of fabric around the edges. I left about 3 extra inches of fabric all around just in case.

Step 3

Than pull back your print. Apply a generous amount of fabric mod podge onto your fabric with the brush.  I worked in about 5 inch strips at a time. This stuff dries quick. Gently lay your print over and use your plsatic spreader to gently push out any bubble working your way from the center to the edges.

Step 4

In the photo the width of my fingers shows the amount of glue I would apply at one time. Just a strip of glue that thick across the fabric at one time. Also we worked our way from the top of our print to the bottom.

Step 5

Here I am with the print pulled back applying my first 5 inch strip of mod podge.

Step 6

Once you attach the first 5 inches of your print pull your print back gently. Do not fold or pull to hard as this will create a crease line. Let it lay on it’s own and to avoid gaps of no mod podge use your brush to get into the crease as much as possible.

Step 7

Keep applying 5 inch strips of mod podge and gluing the paper to the fabric following these steps until you’ve glued the whole print to the fabric.

Step 8

To seal your print simply apply a thick coat of the matte mod podge over your print. It will dry clear. Avoid going over one area too many times to minimize smudging.

Step 9

Since we’ve made about 4 of these tapestries in total we’ve noticed that this step seems to work best while the fabric mod podge is still wet under.  So, I would recommend sealing your print immediately after gluing the print to your fabric.  Do not wait for the fabric mod podge to dry. It also helps if two people are doing it.

Step 10

Okay once your tapestry is completely dry use some scissors to trim off all your fabric.  It took about 30 minutes to dry.

Step 11

I wasn’t a big fan of the finish I got with the matte mod podge. It definitely didn’t look matte. More of a satin finish I would say. So, I ended up giving it another light coat of this matte varnish to get that matte look.

Step 12

If your making a smaller tapestry you could probably get away with using some hot glue to attach it to the dowel.  We used some heavy duty staples and worked out way from one end to the other.  Flip your print face down and staple it to the dowel from the back.

Step 13

That’s pretty much it!  NO sharpie touch ups involved!! YAY! If you’re wondering what this tapestry feels like. The best way to explain it is a canvas print.  The paper actually seeps into the texture of the fabric which makes it look that way.

Credit for this DIY goes to my hubby! If it wasn’t for him I would of probably given up. The first few attempts were a complete fail until we tried his method! Thanks hun~ You da best😘😘

Tilted Brush Stroke