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Step 1

STAINING 2×4’S I have to say the staining process went a lot better then I expected. I wasn’t expecting the stain to soak into the wood at all. After all I’ve heard from everyone.  I did caulk all the cracks and holes with a wood puddy before staining. Once dry I sanded it down a bit and went on with the staining process.

Step 2

The stain I went with was this special walnut. I wanted a stain that was noticeable enough but not to dark.  I did have to stain it twice because the first coat didn’t look dark enough for what I was aiming for. Keep in mind the more coats of stain you use the darker it will be.

Step 3

This is what the bench look liked right after the staining process. Not dry yet. After it dried overnight I applied one coat of polyurethane in the satin finish.

Step 4

SO SORRY!! Now I am going to apologize in advance. Unfortunately I did NOT take pictures of how I covered the bench because I was in such a rush to finish it. I used  regular plywood from homedepot cut to shape for the bottom of the bench. Then I purchased 2.5″ foam from Joanns and the fabric I used was another journey I went on.

Step 5

I couldn’t find any fabric that had thick stripes like I wanted so I purchased two different types of upholstery fabrics and sewed the strips together. Talk bout being picky. lol I figured if I’m going to put this much work into it might as well be super picky.. 😀

Step 6

I purchased the little upholstery tacks from homedepot and hammered them along the edges right into the plywood. I used a ruler to make sure they were even because it was super noticeable if they weren’t.  To finish it off I had my hubby find the perfect length screws to screw the top to the bench and that was it.

Step 7

All in all I have to say it turned out way better then I expected. It stained pretty well , gave me the right amount of rustic, and after a year of constant use it held up pretty darn good.  Still just as sturdy as the day I built it. 😀

Thank you for joining me on this DIY journey. It was a great experience and if you decide to journey out on your own ” bench diy ” adventure then don’t forget to tag me on Instagram. I would love to see it.

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