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What You'll Need

A few sheets of glass Printed butterflies glass cutter hot glue Thick Gloves and goggles for safety White paint and paint brush

Step 1

To begin start by marking and cutting an even rectangle around your butterfly.  Since white ink doesn’t print on transparent paper I ended up painting the back of the butterflies with white acrylic paint.

Step 2

Here’s the glass cutter I used.  Keep in mind this tool does not cut the glass. It will only score your glass so you can break it easily.

Step 3

Here’s what a score lines look like. It’s a thin white line in your glass.

Step 4

To begin measure the height of your butterfly transparency and mark that height across the whole piece of glass. To break glass you can only do one line at a time. This technique can be used on so many other project not just this mother’s day butterfly gift.

Step 5

Lay the glass on a flat surface and align your ruler to the line. Than use your glass cutter and with light to medium pressure run the glass cutter along the side of your ruler.  You should have a scratching sound.  Careful not to apply to much pressure as this will cause the glass to crack. If not enough pressure is applied you won’t get a good score line to help break your glass.

Step 6

Okay now you’ll need something with a clean edges to help break your glass.

Step 7

Align your scored line with the edge of the table.

Step 8

Than to break it, hold down the glass that’s on your table firmly and with your other hand quickly snap the glass that’s hanging off your table in a downwards position.

Step 9

Follow the same steps to break even squares of glass for your butterflies.  I love that you can make your glass frames any size to fit your butterfly.

Step 10

Start by laying your butterfly between two sheets of glass. Then take your framed butterfly and squeeze it between two books or some bricks.  This helps hold it really still while you glue the edges. Than apply a dab of hot glue to all four corners.

Step 11

Remove the framed butterfly and apply a strip of glue all along the top edge of your butterfly frame. Once it sets flip it over and do the same to the back. Then to finish it off lean it on something again and apply a third strip of glue going along the edges again for added security.

Step 11

You can hot glue a little chain to the top of you’re butterfly art or if you want something more invisible you can do what we did.  We applied zots to all 4 corners on the back and you can hang it on the wall or on a window. 😊 Zots are tiny adhesive dots that can be attached to almost anything.

Here they are on the window!

Tilted Brush Stroke