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What You'll Need

– vinegar – dish soap + water – 2 – oxi clean max force ( You can get a set of three here – https://amzn.to/2ZzZZqT ) – sponge – big microfiber towel – hard bristle hand brush – Little Green Bissell Vacuum

Step 1

Okay so it’s pretty simple. Whatever area you want to clean spray it down with oxi clean and use a hard bristle brush to scrub the area. You can let the oxi clean soak in for 3-5 minutes before scrubbing this helps loosen up the dirt!

Step 2

Here’s how it looked after the first spray down and scrub (photo below).  I didn’t add any water. This is all oxi clean.  As you can see some areas were still pretty bad after the first treatment of spraying and scrubbing! At this point I was thinking OH shoot! Will this come off 😂😬 !

Step 3

So I repeated that treatment again in the same area. Spraying down the area with more oxi clean and scrubbing again.  I let the oxi clean soak in for 5 minutes the second time around before scrubbing. Here’s the end result. ( photo below)  NOT BAD! Right? There’s hope 🙌!

Step 4

You should be able to see if there’s any stains that need removing before the cleansing step. Stains show up pretty well if you have the stained area wet evenly. Just be sure not to wet your whole couch all at once when working with microfiber.

Step 5

To remove all the oxi clean from the couch I used my bissell vacuum. Simply push on this knob ( photo below) and it’ll spray the soapy water.

Step 6

Don’t push too hard as it leaves lines in the fabric afterwards when you wash your upholstery especially microfiber fabric. I pushed down about 1 inch into the fabric and sucked up all the water in the area I was working on. Repeat spraying and sucking up water until the water being sucked into the vacuum is clear.  I repeated these steps about 2 times in one area to get the water coming out clear.  This is all it would take to clean regular fabric. For microfiber follow the steps below.

Step 7

If you’re working with microfiber it’s important get sections evenly wet. Areas that aren’t wet might leave marks once dry. I used a wet sponge and rubbed it around to get the edges in each section wet. You’re pretty much creating a fade with the wet sponge.

Step 8

The last thing you’ll need to do is rub all the microfiber fibers in one direction before that area dries.  If your area dries before you can do this you might have to get it wet again to move around the fibers for a more even look. I learned the hard way. This last step makes a huge difference if you want your couch looking like new again.

I hope you found this helpful if you’re looking to wash your own upholstery! Maybe it’ll give you an idea of where to get started! I love oxi clean it does an amazing job of getting those deep stains out.

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