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What You'll Need

– 3 Tin Cans – 1 tub of water – spray paint – nail polish – recycled wood

Step 1

I used regular 12-14 oz tin cans and spray painted them white.

Step 2

Then I used nail polish and poured some in the tub of water. Any nail polish will work as long as it’s runny. I got mine at the dollar store. Since I wanted to resemble carrera marble I used white and a little bit of light gray. I started off by pouring the white first then topped it off with a few gray stripes.

Step 3

This isn’t supposed to look perfect.  The messier the better.  Don’t forget to grab a fork (or toothpick)  and mess it up a bit more.

Step 4

Then take your tin can and roll the nail polish right onto it.

Step 5

It’s okay if you get water all over it. Just remember not to wipe the water off right away. Depending on how much nail polish you applied it may need  up to 10 minutes to cure. Once the nail polish is dry then you can wipe off the water.

Step 6

For my rope pot I used rope that I had purchased at the home depot.  My rope was 3/4 inches in thickens and I purchased 7 feet of it.. It was about 2 inches to short but, it ended in the back so I was ok with that. 😀   (note to self.. Bring the can to home depot with me next time.. 😀 ) I started hot gluing my rope on the backside of the tin can and worked my way up. Then I simply secured it at the top and that’s it.

Step 7

For the next step I drilled holes in my wood and tin cans. I secured the tin cans with some screws that I pulled through from the back of the board through the hole in the tin can and secured the tin can with a nut. Last but not least plant your favorite herbs.

I love the combination of the rustic and marble.. This rope pot is definitely a keeper.

Tilted Brush Stroke