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Step 1

So first things first. I needed to gut the baseboards. Oh boy! It was quite NASTY! Tod enjoyed it though! LOL I don’t know what it is with cats and spiders! Yes those are the colors our walls used to be. Which brings me to say if you’re wondering why there’s so much cob webs under these baseboards lets just say this home is 50+ years old and wasn’t exactly built properly! Meaning non of the baseboards were sealed with caulking. AT ALL!! Which lead to nice little spider homes that grew and multiplied.

Step 2

To make our bench we started off by cutting out panels out of plywood to make a box .

Step 3

Just like this. We then used 2×3’s to frame is off on the inside.

Step 4

I then secured my 2×3’s into the walls.

Step 5

I sealed off all the cracks and crannies! YEY!! No more sneaky cob webs!

Step 6

Then I gave it a nice coat of white paint.

Step 7

This is where I forgot to take photos again.  My apologies.  We added a 2×3 beam in the middle of the bench and added the lid to one half of it with door hinges. The other half of the bench closer to the wall doesn’t open. (To clarify the shelf in front of the bench with the shoes laying against it was just me making measurements and it was caught in action sorry It has nothing to do with the bench. ) My video has pretty clear instructions on making this bench. Don’t forget to watch it.

Step 8

To make our shelves we started off by making sure the first 2×3 was secured onto the wall evenly. We used a level for this. Then we went on by sticking a shelf between each 2×3 as we secured them all to the wall. This will give you the right distance between each 2×3. Make sure and apply pressure when securing! You want your shelves to have a tight fit.

Step 9

Here’s what it looked like unpainted.

Step 10

You don’t have to use a shelf to measure the distance between each 2×3. It’s a bit bulky that way. We ended up cutting a piece of scrap wood towards the end and it was much easier. (bottom photo)

Step 11

To finish it off I gave it a coat of paint and that’s it!

Here’s what my entryway looks like now! Much better right?!  Oh and by the way if you haven’t noticed that log holder on the right is the same old shoe rack I threw away! LOL My hubby decided to DIY a log holder out of it! I guess her time isn’t over yet!

Tilted Brush Stroke