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What You'll Need

– porcelain clay ($6 with coupon : Micheals craft store) – rolling pin – four 12 inch balloons  , ($1 dollar store) – four thick rubber bands , ($1 dollar store) – resin – plaster of paris – 4 screws w/thread stoppers – Spray paint    ($3 with coupon) – Recycled belts  ($5 Thrift store) – pushpins – Straw   ($1 dollar store) – Drill (or sharp tipped knife)

Step 1

Okay so for the first step you will need to blow up your balloon and hold for 1 minute to stretch it out before filling it up with water.  Then start filling with water and as soon as you see the water overflowing stop filling it up any further and blow the balloon up to the size you want. When tying make sure and tie in a thick rubber band to hang it by.

Step 2

For the next step I used this Model Air clay. Separated it into 4 secitons and rolled each section out trying to keep the shape round.

Step 3

Like this.. 😀 Then I lay the balloon as centered as possible on  the circle and wrapped the rolled out clay around the balloon…

Step 4

I than taped the balloon to the wall attaching a strip of paper under the tape not to touch the clay.  This step is to make the shape of the pot a bit more flat on the back side to lay nicer against the wall.

Step 5

See Like this..

Step 6

Then I took a straw and poked holes on both sides for the screws to go in when attaching the belt.. (TIP: They don’t have to be perfectly even.. Just make sure and don’t do them to far back a little closer towards the front makes the pot hang nicer)

Step 7

Here’s my beautiful mess of recycled belts.

Step 8

I cut them to size.. The fabric and crochet belts included some sewing. Very miner.  (length depends on how long you want it. Mines were all uneven and measured between 18″-22″ )

Step 9

Then I made holes in the leather using my drill and pushed the screws through.. (you could also use a sharp knife to make the holes)

Step 10

Big tip.. After letting the pots hang taped to the wall overnight.. The spots where the tape is won’t be completely dry.. You will need to remove them and let them air dry a little more ( I let mine dry in front of a fan for an hour) Then stick them in your oven to cure for 20 minutes at 200 F. (or until hard)

Step 11

I then mixed a small batch of plaster of paris and applied it to the insides of the pots. I tried to make it runny enough to spin around in the pot but it didn’t do a well job at spinning so I rubbed the rest around with a spoon.. No need to make thick layers. I did two thin layers let them cure 30 minutes in between.. Then I left them overnight to cure more.

Step 12

Once the plaster of paris was cured I mixed up a small batch of resin and coated the insides of the pots with one coat of resin. I pre-drilled all my holes before coating with resin.. (if your making drainage holes make sure and do this step before the resin.. you want to waterproof as much as possible) I let my resin set overnight and in the morning flipped them upside down and spray painted them in bright white satin.. Then I attached all my belts and planted my plants. 😀 😀

AND THE WINNER IS… (drum-roll please!!!!!)

Tilted Brush Stroke