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What You'll Need

sheer tights small 2.5″ potted succulents cling wrap rubber bands cement all water + mixing supplies

Step 1

Because this cement mix starts setting pretty quick I would recommend prepping the tights and pots before you mix the cement. We used the bottom 12 inches of the tights.  If you plan on using the rest of the tights as well you’ll just need to cut another 12″ section and tie a knot on the bottom before you fill it with concrete.

Step 2

We got these mini succulent plants at homedepot. I believe they were in a 2.5″ pot.  We removed the succulents and wrapped the pot in cling wrap.

Step 3

Here’s the cement we used to make our succulent pumpkins.  It’s super easy to work with and sets a lot faster than the concrete mix we used last time.

Step 4

We ended up using a total of 4 cups of concrete mix for each pumpkin. We added just under 1 cup of water in total to the 4 cups of cement mix and combined it really well. A metal spoons works best for mixing. Make sure to scrape away all the edges.

Step 5

OOPS! CEMENT MIX SET TO QUICK? No worries if you cement set to quick just add a bit of water to it and work it with your hands. It should become workable again. This will only work if it’s still wet and hasn’t set too much.

Step 6

Fill your tights up with your cement mix.  It works best if you have someone helping you hold the tights open however it’s not required. I just like that it keeps it cleaner this way.  For one pumpkin we filled the tights with all the mixture from the 4 cups of cement mix.

Step 7

Next we took the little pot and inserted it in the center. Push it down to the bottom but make sure no concrete is higher than the pot itself.

Step 8

Okay now add rubber bands around you pumpkin. Make sure the rubber bands aren’t too small as they’ll slash into your pumpkin and you won’t be able to remove them ones the concrete sets. You want to be able to see the full rubber band. We added a total of 4 rubber bands.

Step 9

Because this cement is so fine it pretty much adheres the tights to the pumpkin if you let it set completely before removing them. In this case you’ll need to remove the tights and rubber bands about 15 minutes after you apply the rubber bands. The tights will still be wet which will help them easily remove. If you wait until the tights have dried onto the pumpkin it’s too late and it’ll seem like they were super glued.  You’ll know they’re ready to be removed when you touch the concrete and can’t indent it but it’s still wet.

Step 10

To complete it cut off any extra cling wrap sticking out and insert plant you succulents in the pot.  You can also wait to remove the cling wrap. I find once the pumpkins set (at least 24 hours) the cling wrap tears out nicely. Keep in mind we didn not remove the pot we left it inside and only ripped off all the cling wrap around it.

That’s it!! We love how these succulent pumpkins turned out😍😍! For the succulents we got a few different types of succulents soaked the soil in water and gently separated them before planting each in the pumpkin planter.

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