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What You'll Need

resin feather white paint plywood gray craft paint

Step 1

Because we were trying to mimic real marble as much as possible we decided to add a thicker edge to the plywood.  I got a 1×2 at home depot and Tony cut it down even thinner. I think he got it down to about 1 and 1/4 inches in thickness. Than we glued it to the edge of the plywood and added a few finishing nails.

Step 2

Once the edge was attached we used some latex interior white paint and applied 2 coats onto the plywood. Make sure the paint isn’t glossy. Ours was eggshell.

Step 3

HOW TO GET THE PERFECT MARBLE EFFECT ON YOUR COUNTERTOP  I head some gray acrylic craft paint at home that I watered down a bit just so it glided on smoother. Than I would dip my feather in the paint and squiggle it onto the painted plywood. I focused on keeping all my marbling lines going in one direction.  Not sure if this exists on real marble I just had this vision of what I wanted and went for it. 😀  The feather definitely helped get super fine lines.

Step 4

Make sure you get the edges as well.

Step 5

Here’s how it looked with all the lines were drawn on.  I decided it needed a little bit more fading so I got a damp sponge and dabbed on some of the white paint we used to paint the plywood. Than I smothered it onto the marbled lines. This definitely gave it a more faded look.

Step 6

MAKING A MINI FRAME FOR THE EDGE!  ( OPTIONAL ) For this step I made a little frame that left a gap for the resin to fill into so your edge get’s a nice thick layer of resin.  This frame will be removed once the resin has set. Make sure you apply tape to all the areas you don’t want your resin to stick to.  To secure the frame to the countertop I used hotglue and small staples.

Step 7

Flip the countertop over and tape the bottom so the resin doesn’t pour out. Any strong tape works.  I’ve tried it with duct tape before and it worked great. Be sure to seal any holes or cracks with silicone so your resin doesn’t seep out as it starts to set.

Step 8

Than I made sure the surface was perfectly level and applied a tape wall to all the edges.

Step 9

Most resins will have a working time between 15-30 minutes before it starts setting and becomes hard to work with. My resin took about 20 minutes. It also depends on how much colorant you add to your resin. The more colorant you add the faster your resin will usually set. Too much colorant can also cause your resin to never cure fully .

Step 10

POURING YOUR RESIN! Pour your resin and spread it out. You can use your hands or a spoon. I did both.

Step 11

Than take a heat gun and gently heat up the resin. Try not to hold it in one area for too long so you don’t burn the resin. If you burn it it’ll become stringy or harden spotty.  Once the resin is warmed it becomes a bit runny and settles in nicely.  After about an hour remove your tape wall. Don’t worry about the drips on the sides it can easily be sanded down.  If you don’t remove the tape it will create sharp edges you’ll need to sand down later. If there’s anything I would do different with this DIY marble resin countertop is not having to make the additional wood frame on the front and doing the tape all around.

Here’s how the edges look! 😀

Tilted Brush Stroke